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Using face masks

In situations where people cannot avoid close contact, students and staff should wear a face mask.

In some situations where people cannot avoid close contact, wearing a face mask is recommended. Each department or office will offer face masks to students and staff in situations such as compulsory course components in education or work tasks where distance cannot be maintained.

If you use your own face mask, please make sure it has been approved and has the CE mark. This should be stated on the packaging.

Please remember that a face mask can never replace general guidelines about staying at home if you have symptoms of disease.

The recommendation to use face masks applies until further notice.

Face mask when sitting an exam

Umeå University follows the recommended distance between students in written hall exams. Wearing a face mask during a written hall exam is no longer a requirement. Single-use face masks are available for students in connection with the exam.

How to use a face mask

It is important that the face mask is used correctly. Please read and follow the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s information prior to using a face mask:

A face mask must cover both nose and mouth at all times. Make sure the fit is snug against nose, cheeks and chin. Do not touch the face mask during use.

Putting on the mask

  1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser.
  2. Check that the face mask is clean and not damaged.
  3. Check that the mask is the right way around. Place it over your nose, mouth and chin. Hook the straps over your ears or around your head. Make sure the face mask fits securely against your face and that there are no gaps.
  4. Do not touch your mask while you are wearing it. If you touch your mask, you must wash your hands again.

Taking off the mask

  1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser.
  2. Take hold of the straps and remove the mask without touching the part that covers your face.
  3. Dispose of the single use mask in a regular bin.
  4. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser.

Waste disposal

Used face masks are thrown in a waste bin. For people handling the waste: The bag should be tied closed when the bin is emptied and be managed as regular waste. Face masks are not hazardous waste. Be careful to wash your hands when touching used face masks.

Information for managers

Managers can find out more about how to order face masks in HR-guiden (Swedish only).

Questions regarding face masks

If you have questions regarding the use of face masks in a particular activity, please ask the organiser, your manager or teacher. If you have general questions regarding the information about face masks or how the university is handling COVID-19, please contact the Crisis Management Team on