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Summary of autumn semester measures due to COVID-19

On 27 April 2021, the Vice-Chancellor decided on the university’s COVID adaptations for the first period of the semester – from 30 August until 29 September. This page provides a summary of what measures apply for this period. Read the full decision to find out the details.

News for autumn semester 2021

  • The University Library, including its study spaces and group rooms, will be open.
  • Teaching with physical attendance is made possible for beginner students on a study programme provided that the teaching can be conducted in a disease-preventative and safe manner.
  • Staff who work with teaching for beginner students on a study programme are given the opportunity to work at the workplace to the extent necessary to conduct on-campus education.

This is the same as for spring semester 2021

For everyone

  • Avoid visiting university premises if not necessary during this initial period. Read Read what that means.
  • Keep your distance to others if you must visit the premises.
  • Stay at home if you have symptoms of disease.
  • Wear a face mask in indoor situations where you cannot maintain distance. Even if you wear a face mask, you must maintain distance to the extent possible. Learn about face masks at the university.
  • Limit your physical contacts to a few and the same individuals. And minimise the group size.
  • Do not carry out any events in university premises, neither for students, staff nor the general public.
  • Serving alcohol in university premises is prohibited.
  • Premises must be adapted to enable physical distancing.

For student and teaching staff

  • Teaching for all other students, other than beginner students on a study programme, ought to be carried out online to the extent possible.
  • Examination for all students ought to be carried out online, or through other means than through written hall examinations, to the extent possible.
  • Written hall examinations that are necessary are adapted to COVID routines.
  • Students who cannot participate in a compulsory course component due to illness or restrictions can participate at the next opportunity.
  • Results on tests may take longer than 15 working days if necessary.
  • Deviations from syllabi and rescheduling courses and other activities takes place according to the COVID routines.

For staff

  • Work from home to the extent possible.
  • Be careful to keep physical distance between yourself and others if you are at the workplace.
  • Carry out all your meetings, conferences, seminars and similar online, otherwise postpone them.
  • Be very restrictive regarding business travel.

Read the full decision