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Collaborate with us

We wish to cooperate with companies, organizations and individuals.

Our contribution to society, firms, and companies is knowledge. Collaboration can happen in a number of ways, e.g.:

  • Students at our department have a project course where a company is involved
  • Our researchers collaborate with industry in research projects
  • After many years of research, one result can be a spin-off company,
  • A company's need for enhancing certain skills among its employees can be met by our department
  • Students do their thesis work in some company
  • The student union organizes recruitment days for students
  • Classes from lower grade schools visit our department to learn about technology
  • A town in Northern Sweden needs trained personnel within a technical field
  • Staff members exchange experiences in international projects

So, the different ways to interact with us are many.

We want it to be easy to work with Umeå University. We are open to requests and proposals, offering customized solutions and the possibility of influencing how training and education is shaped and where it takes place. As a guide, look at the University webpage, which says: "It is easy to cooperate with Umeå University"

Affiliated staff

Anders Ohlsson
Anders Tellné
Ange Sabine Ingabire
Bin Yang
Damir Valiev
Erik Steinvall
Erik Viggh
Gourab Dutta Banik
Henrik Hagman
Ingemar Lindh
Katharina Fürsatz
Keni Ren

My research focuses on computer vision and sensor-fusion systems for studying animal behaviour in zoo and livestock production environments.

Marcus Eriksson
Martin Lundmark
Mehrez Hermassi
Ramtin Rabiee

My research interests include statistical signal processing, stochastic geometry, physical layer wireless communications, wireless localization and tracking, and wireless sensor networks.

Samuel Sonning
Shoaib Azizi
Tomas Larsson
Xiaogang Cheng
Ying Zhang