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Abel Souza, postgraduate student
Andrea Aler Tubella, postdoctor

I am a postdoctoral researcher in a WASP project focused on the formal verification of ethical principles of AI systems. 

Andreas Brännström, research engineer
Andrii Dmytryshyn, research fellow (assistant professor)
Eddie Wadbro, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Esteban Guerrero Rosero, senior research engineer

Postdoc researcher. Formal methods of Artificial Intelligence for autonomous multi-agents systems.

Frank Drewes, professor

Chair of the faculty's Research Education Committee, director of studies and examiner of the PhD programme in Computing Science, and director of the Master's Programme in Computing Science.

Fredrik Georgsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Faculty Programme Director at the Faculty of Engineering and Science and Analyst at the Planning Office.

Helena Lindgren, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Researches and educates in the field where systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) need to collaborate with humans. Research spans basic research in AI to applications improving health.

Henrik Björklund, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Jakob Lindqvist, other position, teaching assistant
Jakub Krzywda, postgraduate student

Johan Tordsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Johanna Björklund, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Juan Carlos Nieves Sanchez, researcher, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Kai-Florian Richter, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Head of Spatial Cognitive Engineering group; researches cognitive aspects of human-computer-interaction and human-in-the-loop computing; AI, HCI, spatial cognition, GIScience

Kary Främling, professor

Professor in Data Science, with emphasis in Data Analysis and Machine Learning. Head of Explainable AI (XAI) team. Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) professor.

Lars Karlsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Lili Jiang, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Linus Hägg, postgraduate student
Marie Nordström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Mattias Åsander, system engineer

Systems administrator, Linux/Windows systems

Michael Minock, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Research: Natural Language Interfaces, Databases and Machine Learning

Monica Vitali, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Monika Jingar, postgraduate student

PhD Student at the Department of Computing Science, Interactive Intelligent Systems Group. Interests: Intelligent user interfaces, multi agent systems and user experience

Nazanin Fouladgar, postgraduate student

I am PhD student at Department of Computing Science, Interactive and Intelligent Systems research group. My interests: Optimization, Multi-Agent Systems, Human-Agent Interaction.

Niclas Börlin, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Ola Ringdahl, senior research engineer, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Pedher Johansson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Per Levén, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Suna Bensch, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Sussi Mikaelsson, administrator

I work as a budget advisor at Grant's Office, where I mainly focus on projects financed by the EU and/or Wallenberg. I am also the Organisationkontoansvarig for Prisma here at Umeå University.

Thomas Hellström, professor

Researcher in Intelligent Robotics

Tomas Forsman, system engineer

Systems engineer, server operations, Linux

Virginia Dignum, professor

I am WASP professor on Social and Ethical Artficial Intelligence

Zahoor Ul Islam, postgraduate student

I am working as a Doctral Student (WASP) in Artificial Intelligence. My Research work and Project focuses on developing an engineering process model by which ethical considerations can be addressed throughout the various stages of software system development.