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Here you will find teachers, researchers, PhD students and administrative staff at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Please note that there are two lists - for "employees" and for "affiliated staff".


Alisa Heuchel
Anders Jonsson

My research concerns effects of environmental and climate change on the productivity and the food web structure of northern aquatic ecosystems.

Ashish Verma
Birgitta Malm-Renöfält

I research about measures to restore and rehabilitate watercourse ecosystems affected by human activity.

Chenxin Feng
Christian Bigler

Research focus on the dynamics of long-term environmental changes. Deputy head of department responsible for undergraduate education.

Daniel Svensson
David Bartholomew
David Hall
Demian Hauptmann

Doctoral student in physical geography with a focus on biogeochemistry in watercourses.

Dominique Maier
Doreen Yu-Tuan Huang
Elisabet Carlborg

Web master at EMG.

Elizabeth Sands
Ellen Dorrepaal
Emil Andersen
Erik Geibrink
Femke Pijcke
Garance Barbier
Gesche Blume-Werry

Ecosystem ecologist with a focus on belowground plant ecology in tundra and peatlands.

Hanna Axén
Hanna Jonsson
Helena Eklöf
Hugo Harlin
Ida-Maria Blåhed
Jade Bruxaux

My work is mainly focused on biogeography and phylogenetics, here on Scots pines.

Jan Dietrich
Jan Karlsson

My research focus on impacts of climate change on the biogeochemistry and ecology of boreal and arctic aquatic ecosystems.

Jenny Ask

I study aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry in northern lakes and coastal ecosystems, focusing on benthic processes.

Jenny Olsson
Jérémy Monsimet
Joanna Jonsson
Johan Rydberg

I'm a researcher and teacher within the field of environmental science.

Johan Wikner

My research focus on marine bacteria and their influence on the environmental status in the Sea. I am also deputy director for Umeå Marine Sciences Center.

Johannes Cunow

A terrestrial ecologist working on belowground response to grazing and snow cover changes. I look at spatial & temporal dynamics of roots and the biochemical linkage.

Jolina Orrell
Jon Moen

Head of department, responsible for research and PhD-studies

Juan Ignacio Ramirez
Judith Sarneel

My research interest are (riparian) plant community composition and decomposition, for which I use the tea bag index.

Kai Sven Onken

Studying the influence of deciduous trees in riparian buffers of boreal streams on stream metabolism and aquatic communities.

Kaj Lynöe
Karl Heuchel
Katarina Stenman

Herbaria administrator, botanist and teacher in floristics.

Keith Larson

Project Coordinator for the Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC).

Kerstin Abbing

Deputy head of the department with primary responsibility in mainly infrastructure, work environment and staff issues.

Kesava Priyan Ramasamy
Lars-Inge Karlsson
Laurenz Teuber
Leah Kirchhoff
Li Zhao
Lina Polvi Sjöberg

Researcher in fluvial geomorphology with focus on rivers and streams.

Lisa Malm
Liyenne Hagenberg
Louise Vang Sørensen
Marianne Nilsson
Marie Kårebrand
Marina Morlock

Postdoctoral fellow working on sedimentary ancient DNA to reconstruct human-ecosystem interactions over time

Máté Vass
Matthias Siewert

I do research on soil organic carbon, vegetation distribution, vegetation productivity, plant-herbivory interaction using GIS and remote sensing techniques in the Arctic and permafrost environments.

Melissa Reidy
Micael Jonsson
Natuschka Lee

Research on microbial geoecology and astrobiology.

Nicholas Kamenos

My research investigates the relationships between climate change and marine ecosystems with a focus on ecosystem service provision. I am the Director of Umeå Marine Sciences Centre.

Nícolas Finkler
Niki Leblans
Per Stenberg
Pär Byström

I study size-dependent interactions within and between fish species and effects of fishing and climate change on population dynamics and ecological processes.

Rebekka Gullvåg
Reiner Giesler

My research is focused on the effects of climate change on biogeochemical processes in terrestrial and aquatic environments above all in arctic and boreal environments.

Richard Bindler

I am a professor of environmental science and research on paleolimnology and environmental change. Since 2018, I am chairman of the employment committee at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Richard Mason
Ryan Sponseller
Sarah Schwieger
Saúl Rodriguez
Sebastian Diehl

Professor of ecology who develops mathematical models for describing and understanding the dynamics of aquatic ecosystems

Shun Hasegawa
Shuntaro Koizumi

PhD student studying the effects of climate change on the productivity of northern lakes.

Sofia Ninnes
Sonia Brugel
Stig-Olof Holm

Teaching on courses that deals with ecology and the questions about how a sustainable society will be formed.

Tim Horstkotte

My main interests are the multiple interactions between people and nature, including the effects of land use change and climate change. Most of my research focuses on sub-arctic and boreal systems.

Tom Korsman
Tord Andersson
Walter Gezelius
Wei Zhao
Wojciech Uszko
Xiao-Ru Wang

My main research focuses on the evolutionary history of conifer trees in Eurasia.

Åsa Berglund

I teach primarily on the Environmental Helth program, and do research on how metal contamination affect our ecosystems, with special interest in bird populations.