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Agneta Hörnell, professor

I'm a registered dietitian, have a licentiate and a doctorate in medicine and is professor in Food and Nutrition.

Anna Sjödin, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Cecilia Lindblom, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am a certified teacher of Home and Consumer Studies (HCS) and religion since 2003. At the department I teach mainly at the HCS- education. 

Cecilia Olsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Associate professor in Food and Nutrition.

Elisabeth Stoltz Sjöström, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Ethel Kautto, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am a registered dietitian and PhD.

Hedda Landfors, university lecturer
Ingela Bohm, postdoctor

PhD in food and nutrition, dietician and teacher of English, French and Home economics. Lecturer at the department of food and nutrition. She/her.

Jonas Buren, senior lecturer (associate professor)

My interest and research focus involves metabolic diseases, nutrition, adipose tissue, and exercise

Josefin Brodin, university lecturer
Linda Berggren, postgraduate student
Linda Nyström Hagfors, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I'm a registered dietitian with a doctorate in Food and Nutrition. My teaching mainly involves research methodology, public health nutrition as well as supervising and examining thesis work.

Maria Waling, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I'm an associate professor and assistant head of department. My main research focus is on different aspects of children's food habits. The past years my main focus has been on school lunch.

Marie Friman, administrator
Marie Nyberg, coordinator, finance
Petra Ryden, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I am a registered dietitian and works as a lecturer at the Department of Food and Nutrition. My research is currently focused on how new technologies can be used by dieticians to, for example, make available dietary treatment. I also look at the students' experience of Blended Learning. My teaching mainly involves courses that concern scientific methods, but I'm also involved in courses that deal with diet in relation to public health.

Roger Ahlgren, university lecturer
Sandra Einarsson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

Program coordinator for the Dietetics program and teach at the department particularly on the later part of the Dietetics program.

Sarah Persson, postgraduate student

Registered dietitian and PhD candidate since fall 2018. PhD candidate within the area of food and nutrition and distance technology "Dietitian online". Teaches nutrition and public health.

Sofia Rapo, university lecturer, postgraduate student

Teaching mainly undergrads of the Food and Nutrition program, and a PhD student since fall 2017.

Sofia Tysklind, teaching assistant