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Education at Department for Geography and Economic History

People's actions and their consequences on the geography of contemporary society is of interest for geographers. Why is it that more people live in Malmö than in Arvidsjaur? How come Kista became the Swedish equivalent to Silicon Valley? What are the reasons for people's mobility and migration during the life course? If we know more about how people move, where they chose to live and what they prefer to do during leisure time, then we can improve planning. Geographers focus on contexts and their relations to wider social, economic and physical processes.

Economic history concerns the evolution of economic phenomena in historical perspective in Sweden and in other parts of the world. We deal with subsistence, economic growth and crises, trade, natural resources, economic policy and distribution in a long-term perspective. Economic history provides a wide range of methodology and theoretical analytical tools for the understanding of long-term societal change. You will not only gain an understanding for the limits of growth, but also for the role of social institutions and institutional change.