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Research at Department for Geography and Economic History

The Department of Geography and Economic History has a strong research profile, hosting numerous prominent scientists active within a range of disciplinary fields.

Our main research strengths are within the areas of population geography, tourism studies, and economic geography, but we also contribute to debates in urban geography and urban planning, climate change adaptation, and developmental geography.

Within population geography, the main focus of our research is on migration processes, both domestic and international.

Within economic geography, we are particularly interested in the way the inter-linkages between firms and other economic actors may foster additional competitiveness, productivity and, ultimately, contribute to economic growth.

Within tourism studies, our research emphasis is on the role of tourism in regional development. Within this context, we provide cutting-edge research on second homes, tourism-related planning and, more generally, on tourism development in sparsely populated regions.

Economic History at Umeå University study long run social and economic development. The research illuminates how individuals, families, companies and nations make difficult choices to use limited resources in order to meet various needs. Economic historians explore such choices in terms of e.g., productivity, equality and sustainability in a historical perspective.