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About the Department

At the department we conduct research and education focusing on the digitalization of society.

Our department belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences and offers education in systems science, behavioral science with IT focus, digital media production, IT management and human-computer interaction. At the department we host the Swedish center for digital innovation, this centre is a collaboration with Göteborg University and Stockholm School of Economics.

At the department, 45 people work as teachers, guest researchers, doctoral students and technical and administrative staff. Our researchers conduct a variety of scientific projects that study society's digitalization in different ways. The department's teachers and researchers interact with the surrounding community in the framework of courses and research projects. We also interact with other subjects and faculties in the university, for example, within the framework of research projects, we often work with computer science, applied physics and electronics, and the School of Economics, and with teaching efforts in areas where the teachers of the department have special skills, including e-health and society's digitalization

Contact us

Visiting address

Campustorget 5, 4 tr.


Umeå University
Dept. of Informatics
901 87 Umeå


Infocenter: +4690-7865000



The department in numbers

Employees: 45
Students: 300 campus students and 300 online students
Founded: In 1969, became its own institution in 1977
Professors: 5
Doctoral students: 10
Education programs: 5
Courses: 52
Turnover: about 45 million / year