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Staff at the department of Integrative Medical Biology


Alireza Salami, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Amar Awad, research student, postgraduate student
André Lundgren, postgraduate student
Aurelie Fontan, senior research assistant
Chengjuan Qu, senior research assistant

Senior researcher Chengjuan Qu

Daniel Marcellino, research fellow (assistant professor)
Daniel Säfström, assistant professor / resident physician
Elin Larsson, other position, senior research engineer
Fahad Sultan, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Frida Olofsson, administrator, finance (absence)
Gustav Andersson, assistant professor / resident physician
Hanna Nord, senior research engineer
Hudson Pace, senior research engineer
Joakim Lindbäck, teaching assistant
Jonas von Hofsten, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Juan Jiang, research fellow (assistant professor)
Juha Piltti, postgraduate student
Kristin Nordin, postdoctor
Kristoffer Sahlholm, associate senior lecturer (assistant professor)
Lena Carlsson, senior research engineer
Lisa Mölne, teaching assistant
Ludvig Backman, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Madlen Hubert, senior research assistant
Mikko Lammi, professor

Investigations on cartilage tissue engineering and endemic osteochondropathy, Kashin-Beck disease

Mona Lindström, senior research engineer (absence)
Nils Dennhag, postgraduate student
Paolo Lorenzon, postdoctoral position, postdoctor
Paolo Medini, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Patrik Danielson, professor/chief physician

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

Paul Kingham, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Per Petersson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Per Stål, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Peyman Kelk, assistant professor, specialist dentist
Saba Parween, postdoctor (absence)
Sara af Bjerken, assistant professor / resident physician
Sara Pudas, research fellow (assistant professor)

I work as a research fellow/assistant professor with a focus on cognitive and brain aging.

Sara Wilson, senior lecturer (associate professor)
Xin Zhou, senior research assistant