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About Department of Law

The Department of Law is a department within the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The Department of Law offers a wide range of law courses, as well as the 4,5 year Law Programme which leads to the Swedish Master of Laws. Our teaching is problem based and the students' individual activities and work in small groups are considered the basis of the learning process. We also provide legal education to several other university programmes at Umeå University.

The research conducted at the Department of Law covers a broad spectrum of subjects and methods. Our research emphasize on labour law, contract law, EC Law, family law, administration law, social law, as well as intellectual property law.

Contact Department of Law

Visiting Address:

Social Sciences Building,
level 5
Umeå University

Invoice address for
foreign suppliers:

Umeå universitet
901 87 UMEÅ

Head of Department, Görel Granström
tel. 090 786 74 18

Associate Head of Department, Ulf Israelsson
tel. 090 786 55 75

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sara Lyrenäs
tel. 090 786 61 69

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Nina Nilsson Rådeström
tel. 090-786 92 17

Head of Research, Johan Lindholm
tel. 090 786 56 03

For questions regarding the Swedish Master of Laws Programme, and for questions regarding separate courses and courses in other undergraduate programmes, please contact Stefan Lidberg, Student Counselor.
tel. 090 786 52 33

For questions regarding economic administration, please contact economic administrator Carina Sjögren.
tel. 090 786 67 46

For questions regarding student exchange, please contact international coordinator Lilliann Danielsson.
tel. 090 786 61 66

For questions regarding study administration, please contact study administrators Vanessa Vincentie, Linda Andersson, Sofia Strömgren or Emma Lind.
tel. 090 786 5086
tel. 090 786 68 59
tel. 090 786 74 19
tel. 090 786 64 35