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All laboratory research in 6M is connected within the new network of institutions

The network includes research groups from six departments and various areas of research, but with a collective need for equipment and facilities.

In addition to collaborating on medical technology equipment and infrastructures, it is important to also strengthen the intellectual and creative environment through joint seminar series and recurring house days with different research themes.
In addition, common resources are created for, among other things, routines and handling of purchases of reagents and equipment.

Proximity to the clinical operations within Laboratory Medicine and other activities at Norrlands University Hospital is an important success factor for the research activities in 6M.

Translational research can be described as the bridge between clinical and preclinical research. This applies to research in clinical trials, biobanking and analysis of samples.

TRC also becomes an important platform for the many clinically active physicians who conduct their research within 6M.
All research groups have been involved in creating a research network within building 6M. It is well in line with the "umu spirit" which is part of the university's vision.

The term Translational Research Center (TRC) in the research environment in 6M reflects the activities conducted and can be compared t a "brand" for the successful research conducted on the research floors in 6M.