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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 26 February 2021)



Active research groups within the network

Anders Sjöstedt
The type VI secretion system of Francisella tularensis – its structure and regulation
Anna Överby Wernstedt
The Överby lab is focusing on different aspects of tick-borne encephalitis virus from molecular virology and host pathogen interactions to...
Beatrice Melin
Research group Beatrice Melin
Research subject: Cancer
Francesca Aguilo
RNA-based gene regulation of cell fate and breast cancer
Research subject: Cancer
Kristina Lejon
Role of B-cells and antibodies in Type 1 diabetes
Marta Bally
Virus-membrane interactions.
Research subject: Biological sciences
Marta Bally
Virus-membrane interactions
Mattias Forsell
Translational B cell immunology: Activation of the humoral immune system and subsequent production of neutralizing antibodies is a key player for...
Ohlund Laboratory
Pancreatic cancer research laboratory
Research subject: Cancer
Stat4Reg is a research laboratory, where scientists work at developing causal machine learning models, methods and free software for the analysis o...
Research subject: Statistics