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Here you will find teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine. For a list of those affiliated with the Department, such as Emeriti, research students and part time teachers, please click the link Show affiliated staff.


Alexander Shayesteh Afshar

Chief physician in dermatology and venereology. Researches in the field of primary hyperhidrosis (local and excessive sweating).

Alexander Wahba
Anders Blomberg

Professor and specialist in internal and respiratory medicine. Head of the Section of Medicine.

Anders Själander
Andreas Hult

Researcher in Sports Medicine and Public Health with a special focus on how our lifestyle and more specifically our level of physical activity predicts our future health and risk of illness.

Andreas Tornevi

Andreas Tornevi - background in mathematical statistics, PhD in environmental medicine and works mainly with epidemiological studies. 

Andree Wennstig

General practitioner at Ånge Health Center and involved in medical education in the subject General Medicine. Researches lifestyle habits and how healthcare can help patients to a healthier lifestyle.


My name is Anita and I'm a lecturer at the Department of Psychology. I research and teach about working life and health from a psychological perspective.

Anna Bengtsson
Anna Myleus

Associate Professor and Resident Physician, MD, PhD. Director of the National Research School in General Practice. Research focuses on celiac disease. 

Anna Nordström
Anna Nyfelt
Anna Oudin

Anna Oudin is an epidemiologist and statistician. Her research is about how air pollution and other environmental factors may affect the brain, eg dementia and mental health.

Anna Södergren

Specialist physicians in rheumatology and research on the inflammatory process underlying the development of atherosclerosis in patients with inflammatory rheumatological disease.

Anna Wikner
Anna Winkvist
Anne Lindberg
Annelie Behndig
Bengt Järvholm

I am senior professor of occupational and environmental medicine. I have previously been a senior physician at Occupational and Environmental Medicine at the university hospital.

Bengt Wahlin
Bernd Stegmayr

Senior professor with renal medicine focus.

Bertil Forsberg

Professor of Environmental Medicine focusing on air pollution and health, health effects of extreme weather and climate change, methods for health impact assessment and respiratory health.

Bo Carlberg
Camilla Sandberg

I am an Associate Professor in Physiotherapy and work as a university lecturer at the Department of Community Medicine and Rehabilitation, at the Physiotherapy Program.

Carola Sundholm
Christofer Åström

I'm working with research on how high temperatures and air pollution can affect our health and who are most vulnerable. I'm also looking at how this could change as the climate is changing.

David Olsson

My main research topic is on associations between vehicle exhaust and early life health effects, for example if the risk of preterm delivery is affected by ambient air pollution during pregnancy.

Elin Chorell

My research is focused on indentifying mechanisms the underly development and remission of typ 2 diabetes.

Elin Lindahl
Elisabet Nylander

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) from different points of view

Erosive Lichen Planus a generalized disease and not just a skin- and mucosal disease?

Emma Lindström
Eva-Lotta Glader
Frida Bergman

My research is about physical activity, sedentary behavior and associated health effects.

Hans Orru
Hans Pettersson

The aim of my research is to investigate and improve the working environment. How cold, noise and vibrations from machines affect the health of workers and how to reduce the risk of ill health.

Hedi Katre Kriit

I am a PhD student at Sustainable Health and my work will develop methods and knowledge to assess the health consequences of car traffic and sustainable transport solutions in modern cities.

Helena Karlsson
Helena Norberg

My research focuses on medication adherence, clinical pharmacists role in health care and how new therapies can be introduced more systematically. I teach within the pharmacy programs.

Henrik Sjödin

Researches on public health, global health and infectious epidemiology. Looking at the spreading dynamics of emerging infectious diseases using mathematical modeling.

Ina Asklund
Ingrid Liljelind

My research and teaching is on occupational and environmental medicine.

Ingvar Bergdahl

Point of contact for biobank samples from e.g. the Västerbotten Intervention Project or the Northern Sweden MONICA studies. My own research is e.g. on environmental toxins in humans.

Jamshid Pourazar
Jan Carlo Semenza
Jannike Hurenkamp
Jenny Andersson
Jens Wahlström

My research focus on ergonomics, cold exposure, vibrations and associations with health. Much of the research is based on the cohorts Bygghälsan and CHINS (Cold and Health in Northern Sweden).

Jerry Öhlin

Researcher in occupational health and geriatrics. Presently investigating the association between heavy occupational physical activity and risk of atrial fibrillation and stroke. 

Joachim Ögren
Joacim Rocklöv

Epidemiologist and modeller focusing on studying the impacts of climate change on health and how climate information can be used for public health prevention.

Johan Nilsson Sommar

Associate professor in occupational and environmental medical research at Sustainable Health and conducts research in air pollution, physical activity and health.

Jonas Wallvik
Jonathan Wiklund
Julia Otten

Endocrinologist with research focus type 2 diabetes

Junwen Guo

Researches on climate change impacts on infectious disease epidemiology. Coordinates research activities in relation to, for example, the Lancet Countdown 2030 and the ENBEL project.

Konstantina Vouzouneraki
Kristina Eriksson
Kristina Lindblom

I am a communications officer at Public Health and Clinical Medicine with administrative responsibility for Sustainable Health. Also works as project administrator for VIPVIZA and UTRI.

Lennart Jonsson

Working as a research engineer at the Department of Sustainable Health. I work with GIS (geographical information systems), software licenses and DiVA (Digital scientific archive).

Linnea Hedman
Lisbeth Slunga Järvholm

My research is about how we create sustainable workplaces with good work environment and enable work up to old age. I am also involved in research on the health effects of natural environments.

Lisbeth Ärlestig
Lotta Harnevik
Lucy Francesca Fisher
Maja af Klinteberg
Malin Olsson
Malin Sjöström

MD, PhD. Senior lecturer and general practitioner. Research on the long-term effects of infection with the parasite Cryptosporidium hominis and on treatment of urinary incontinence using eHealth. 

Mante Hedman
Maquines Odhiambo Sewe
Marcus Lind
Marcus Schmitt-Egenolf

• Real-world evidence, Societal impact of medicine, Lifestyle medicine, Ethics, Psoriasis & Melanoma

Maria Brännholm Syrjälä

The aim of my research is to investigate behavioral changes and health effects from a mHealth (mobile health) intervention focusing on reducing occupational sedentary behaviour in type 2 diabetes. 

Maria Friberg
Maria Nordendahl
Maria Wennberg

Senior research assistent. Leg. dietitian, PhD in Environmental medicine.

Maria Öström
Martin Andersson

Senior consultant physician, associate professor. Main research area is occupational and environmental lung disease.

Mattias Brunström

Physician researcher with focus on hypertension as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease

Melony Fortuin-De Smidt

My research focuses on the relationship between health outcomes and physical activity and sedentary behaviour. 

Michael Henein

Professor of Cardiology at Heart Centre. He is a PhD supervisor and researcher in the field of coronary calcification, and Doppler echocardiography in heart failure and valvular heart disease.

Michael Ott
Nawi Ng

Visiting Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health with a research interest in ageing and disability, chronic non-communicable diseases, behavioural change and implementation research. 

Nicklas Jonsson

Helps develop systems focused on E-health. Also assists with research support related to Machine Learning.

Nikolai Stenfors

Senior lecturer and associate professor. Consultant respiratory physician at Östersund Hospital, Östersund.

Olov Rolandsson

I am Head of Unit, Teacher, and Researcher, at Umeå University. My research focuses on diabetes; causes and consequences.

Patrik Wennberg

Associate professor, MD, PhD. Research focused on physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Teaching in family medicine.

Per Dahlqvist
Per Lindqvist
Per Liv
Per Wester
Pontus Karling

Chief Physician in Medical Gastroenterology. Conducts patient-close research in the area of ​​functional bowel disease and inflammatory bowel disease where biobank studies are also conducted.

Pontus Öhrner

Has a master's degree in sports medicine. Works as a project assistant for a research project towards a sustainable working life in occupations with high physical strain.

Rebecca Tapper

My PhD project looks at the health effects of cold exposure in arctic climates with a focus on a sustainable working life. The project is part of the Arctic research school.

Rebecka Renklint
Robert Buckland
Sabine Björk
Sandra Arvidsson
Stefan Söderberg

Professor in internal medicine and senior consultant in cardiology. Research area is cardiovascular epidemiology nationally and internationally. Principal investigator for the MONICA study.

Sussi Mikaelsson

I work as a budget advisor at the Research Support Office. My main focus is projects financed by the EU and/or Wallenberg. I am also the organisation account manager for Prisma at Umeå University.

Therese Kellgren
Thomas Mooe
Thomas Sandström
Thorbjörn Lundberg

Senior lecturer and general practitioner. Research focused on ear disease and new diagnostic methods using digital technique and artificial intelligence. Developing gamification as teaching aid.

Tommy Olsson

Professor in endocrinology. Main research area is studies on prevention and treatment of overweight and type 2 diabetes.

Tova Eurén Magnusson
Towe Wadensten

I am a PhD student in General Medicine and my research revolves around e-health and the treatment of urinary incontinence in connection to the Tä ( project.

Ulf Näslund

Professor of Cardiology, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine, Umeå University.

Urban Hellman

My research interest is the metabolism of hyaluronan in inflammation and tissue growth.

Verah Nafula Luande
Viktoria Wahlström

I am a postdoc and interested in physical activity at work, and how working life can be designed to promote health.

Wasif Raza

The primary concern of my research is to examine the effect of environmental hazards on health. I am also looking at the effect of long term exposure of air pollution on dementia

Åsa Svedmark
Åsa Williams