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Here you will find teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine. For a list of those affiliated with the Department, such as Emeriti, research students and part time teachers, please click the link Show affiliated staff.

Affiliated staff

Aditya Lia Ramadona

Docoral project: Developing and validating a dynamic model of dengue transmission with application to early warning and climate change projections

Main supervisor: Joacim Rocklöv

Ala Muala
Albin Stjernbrandt

Senior consultant physician and associate professor, engaged in occupational and environmental research.

Alva Hansson
Amelie Brynedal

PhD student with focus on electronic cigarettes and how they affect our cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Anders Ulvenstam
Andreas Stomby
Andreas Strandh
Anna Bohlin
Anna Bråndal
Anna Lindam
Anna Millgård
Anna Möllsten
Anna Sjödin
Anna Söderholm
Anna Tellström

Researcher and university resident physician in Cardiology, and teacher in Evidence Based Medicine at the medical program and Advanced Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for medical physicians.

Annelie Olofsson
Annika Forssen
Annika Wallin
Anton Ahlsved
Antonia Boman
Aram Bakhtiar Omar
Artan Bajraktari
Benno Krachler

Lifestylemedicine Österåsen, Director, PhD.

Bernd Stegmayr

Senior professor with renal medicine focus.

Berndt Stenberg
Bernt Lindahl
Björn Sundström

Conducts epidemiological research on the importance of lifestyle habits for disease, progress and comorbidity in rheumatological diseases.

Björn Tavelin
Björn Sundberg
Bo Glas
Bodil Björ
Camilla Ring
Carina Forslund
Carl-Magnus Henrikson

Research student at the department of public health and clinical medicine, with an interest in diabetes type 2 and reduced renal function. Physician at Backen health care centre.

Carol Abidha
Carola Lyxell
Catharina Persson Ingvarsson
Cecilia Fall
Cecilia Johansson

PhD student since 2016. Phd project focused on risk markers and incidence of atrial fibrillation and the epidemiology of newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation. Specialist of internal medicine in 2021.

Charlotte Lewis

Physiotherapist and works as a stress ergonomist at Occupational and Environmental Medicine at Region Västerbotten. Conducts research within ergonomics.

Christel Häggström

I work as a research support statistician at Registercentrum Norr, Region Västerbotten.

Claes Schiller
Daniel Oudin Åström
Daniil Lisik
David Darehed

PhD and specialist in Internal Medicine and currently doing residency in Neurology at Sunderby Hospital. My main research interest is epidemiology and stroke.

Elina Bäcklund
Ellinor Ädelroth
Emelie Laveborn
Emma Nyman
Emma Nyström
Emöke Dimény
Erik Flinth
Erik Hedman
Erik Håkansson

Cardiologist at the Umeå Heart Centre, focused on heart failure. PhD-student since 2021 investigating usage of SGLT2-inhibitors.

Erika Holmberg
Eva Berglin
Eva Fhärm

Director of Studies for the subject General Medicine on the Medical Program. Course coordinator for the postgraduate course "Basic research methodology for doctors in the regions of the north

Eva Holmström
Evy Björnehall
Filip Fransson
Fisnik Jashari
Fredrik Landfors
Frida Holmström
Frida Welander
Gabriel Granåsen
Gabriel Wennstig
Gani Bajraktari
Giulia Elena Mandoli
Gunilla B Dahlgren

I am a Ph.D. student at the Department of public health and clinical medicine and am also affiliated with the Department of community medicine and rehabilitation.

Gunnar Nilsson
Gunnar Nordberg

Performs research and evaluations of scientific data concerning human health effects of exposure to metals or indoor air pollution (trichloramine).

Haki Jashari
Hande Oktay Türeli
Hanna Forsberg
Hanna Kihlström
Hanna Evelina Svärd
Hanne Krage Carlsen
Hayder Kadhim
Heidi Lindmark
Helen Hanstock
Helena Backman

Researcher and project leader within the Obstructive Lung Disease in Northern Sweden (OLIN)  Studies, an epidemiological research program ongoing since 1985.

Helene Rietz
Henrik Hagström
Hermon Amman
Hina Taki

Residency doctor in primary care. PhD student, department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine.

Ian Mudway
Iara Senem
Ibadete Bytyci
Ilias Lyroudis
Ioannis Katsoularis

Specialist in Internal Medicine and Cardiology, Consultant at the Heart Center, NUS, and PhD student at Public Health and Clinical Medicine.

Isak Molin
Isak Stenudd

MD. General practioner in primary care and PhD student in carotid ultrasound within the VIPViZA research group.

Jack Lysholm
Jennie Jackson

Post Doc working in Occupational and Environmental Medicine to assess links between work-related physical exposures and injury outcomes in construction workers using an epidemiology approach.

Jenny Engman
Jim Viklund
Joakim Bunne
Joel Lillqvist
Johan Dahlberg

Doctoral student with a focus on Lipedema, a relatively unknown disease that affects women. Additionally, clinically active as an M.D. at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology.

Johan Lilja
Johan Nilsson
Johanna Pennlert
Johannes Norberg
Jonas Eriksson Ström

Investigating COPD from an immunological and epigenetic point of view.

Josefin Sandström
Kamilu Musa Karaye
Karin Olsson
Karl Forsell
Karna Johansson
Katarina Johansson

PhD student and intern physician at Sundsvalls sjukhus. My PhD project is about managing celiac disease in adolescents and young adults.

Kirk Geale

Kirk is the CEO of Quantify Research (https://quantifyresearch.com/) and a PhD Candidate studying clinical and economic outcomes using observational registry data

Kjell Asplund
Krister Lindmark
Kristie Ebi
Kristin Ahlm
Kristina Juneblad
Kurt Boman
Kåre Eriksson
Lars Johansson
Lars Modig

I study the impact of various ambient or working environment factors on human health. My main research area has been epidemiological studies of ambient air pollution and respiratory health.

Lauri Salonen
Lena Granlund
Lena Håglin
Lena Innala
Lena Larsson
Lina Örtendahl
Linda Ek
Linda Eklund

The doctoral research project is about airway effects of physical exercise in subzero temperatures - epidemiological studies and experimental exposure studies in an environmental chamber.

Linnéa Almqvist

My PhD project aims to study and characterize different types of asthma among children and adults and follow their prognosis.

Lisa Bergström
Lotta Ljung

Epidemiologic research in the field of rheumatology, mainly regarding comorbidity and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.

Lovisa Hägg
Malin Hedman
Marcus Imamovic

PhD/ST doctor in internal medicine and endocrinology. Researches in clinical endocrinology with a focus on improved diagnosis of hypo- and hypercortisolism using salivary cortisol and cortisone.

Margareta Norberg

Assoc professor, MD, PhD in Family Medicine and Epidemiology. Focus on  VIPVIZA, a population-based pragmatic prospective randomized trial on prevention of cardiovascular diseases in primary care.

Maria Angerbjörn

Resident physician within the field of internal medicine. PhD student with focus on stroke and congenital heart disease.

Maria Bäckman Öhrn

My project examines how a transition from work in cell offices to activity-based offices affects the health, productivity, satisfaction and work environment of the employees.

Maria Lind
Maria Ranner
Marie Fredriksson
Marije Boks
Martin Biström

Doing research on environmental risk factors for developing multiple sklerosis.

Martin Jansson
Mats Ainegren
Mats Ryberg
Mattias Karlsson
Mattias Skielta
Micael Appelblad
Mikael Ashorn

I am PhD student researching the impacts of floods and tropical storms on infectious diseases. My main aim is to create a model able to predict the spread of these diseases after such disasters.

Mikael Kabele
Mikael Lilja
Mikael Wikgren
Mikkel Quam
Milos Kesek
Mona Olofsson
Mårten Werner
Nicolas Bermudez

I am a PhD student looking at how factors such as respiratory symptoms, BMI and exposure to traffic emissions relate to prognosis in terms of lung function and mortality among people with asthma.

Nighat Farooqi
Nike Hansén
Nils Bäcklund
Nils Sandberg
Nina Pettersson

I am a PhD student in medicine. My research focuses on the comorbidity between inflammatory bowel disease and spondyloarthritis.

Ole Suhr
Olena Kostylenko
Oscar Hofstedt
Owe Johnson
Paul Franks
Peer Blom
Per Lindmark
Petri Räisänen

The purpose of my project is to study time trends in the incidence and occurrence of different types of asthma as well as characteristics and risk factors for allergic and non-allergic asthma.

Philip Fowler
Rachel Nicoll
Rafik Shenouda
Rebecca Johansson
Richard Thörn
Robert Linder
Robert Lundqvist

Statistician at Norrbotten County Council

Roshni Das
Sami Sawalha
Sara Jonsson

Researches on reproductive health in adults with congenital heart defects. Works clinically as a pediatric cardiologist at the pediatric heart clinic and at the Center for Cardiovascular Genetics.

Simon Vallin
Sofia Håglin
Sofia Winsa Lindmark

Doctoral student in the OLIN studies. I will look at how lung function, inflammatory markers in the blood and overweight/obesity covariate in adult individuals with asthma.

Staffan Betnér
Steen Jensen
Stefan Barath
Stefan Röding
Stellan Mörner
Stina Selberg

I am a doctoral student in the OLIN studies and my Phd work is about asthma control, treatment and Covid-19 among adults with asthma.

Sumaira Zafar
Theresa Rambaran
Tohr Nilsson

Senior lecturer and associate professor researching vibration injuries in working life.

Tommie Irewall
Ulf Gustafsson
Ulf Nilsson
Ulla Ljungberg
Usama Boles
Vera Markevärn
Verah Nafula Luande
Viktor Edström
Viktor Meidell
Viktor Oskarsson


Vilhelm Sjögren
Ylva Åström
Youssef Chninou
Yulia Blomstedt
Örjan Andersson
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