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Welcome to the Department of Radiation Sciences

Department of Radiation Sciences comprises the subject’s diagnostic radiology, oncology, radiation physics and medical technology. Institute belongs to the Faculty of Medicine at Umeå University


“Thanks to everyone who participated!”
Published: 15 Sep, 2020

Sweden's so far biggest COVID-19 study has now been completed. Thousands of students and staff participated.

15 million SEK to research infrastructure for future challenges
Published: 01 Aug, 2022

Linda Sandblad, appointed Research Infrastructure Fellows by the Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF.

3D optical imaging of the human pancreas in disease
Published: 13 Apr, 2022

Autofluorescence as a 3D tool provides option for therapies for pancreatic related pathologies,

9 million to cancer research from the Sjöberg Foundation
Published: 21 Dec, 2018

Researchers Per Fransson and Daniel Öhlund receive 9 million SEK from for research in pancreatic cancer.

A European observatory on climate and health has been launched
Published: 09 Mar, 2021

Researchers at the Faculty of Medicine lead parts of research that form the basis for the observatory's work.

A molecular switch for stopping inflammation
Published: 11 Jan, 2019

A component has been identified as a novel regulator that can deactivate the immune system.

A new way to detect infection
Published: 10 Aug, 2022

The detection of physical forces produced by bacterial infection can initiate the immune response.

Abdominal obesity common among women in rural Indonesia
Published: 24 Oct, 2018

Abdominal obesity is seven times more common among women than among men in Indonesia's rural area.

Advantageous preparation of movement via independent control of muscle sensors
Published: 26 Feb, 2021

A novel function of the preparatory neural activity, highlights another mechanism the nervous system use.

AI-council of the Medical faculty invites to AI-Day September 10!
Published: 30 Aug, 2021

The AI-council works in order to strengthen the faculty before a future when AI will play a crucial role.