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The Oncology Department started at Umeå University in 1959 and is currently housed in buildings 10, 27 and 6M at the University Hospital of Northern Sweden. We work closely with the oncology clinic, which is the largest clinic for treatment of tumour diseases in northern Sweden.

At the clinic tumour diseases are treated with different types of modalities, ranging from radiation therapy, medical chemotherapy, antibody therapy and biological therapy. There is also a psychosocial unit and a reception for familial cancers in which families with suspected hereditary cancer are investigated.

We conduct research and in many different areas. In the oncology research laboratory the research areas include brain tumors (glioma) and prostate cancer. At the radiotherapy department there is an ongoing development in order to achieve better and more precise treatments. This research is conducted in close collaboration with radiation physics and diagnostic radiology.
We also have a clinical research unit in which patient-related clinical trials are conducted.

In the early 1960s the Jubilee Clinic in Umeå Research Fund was founded, which today is called the Cancer Research Foundation in Northern Sweden. A few years later Lions formed a separate fund known as the Lions Cancer Research Fund at Umeå University. The two funds have a common board and distributes funds for research twice a year.

Latest update: 2021-03-19