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Radiation Physics and Biomedical Engineering

The main part of our undergraduate and postgraduate education is about radiation physics and medical technology in health care. Some important areas in which physicists and engineers are of great importance is the radiation therapy and diagnostic radiology including computerized tomography, nuclear medicine and magnetic resonance imaging MRI. Our authorities require that there should be a qualified medical physicist to ensure the safe use of radiation in these fields.

Research in radiation physics and biomedical engineering at Umeå University covers mainly the use of radiation in medical applications but also for other uses of medical technology and informatics in health care. This kind of research is carried out mostly by radiation physicists or biomedical engineers. Our research is mostly focused on clinical applications and is always in close cooperation with Swedish or foreign companies. We also conduct radiation protection research in collaboration with the Swedish Defence Research Agency and other radiation protection organizations.

Latest update: 2023-01-12