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Here you will find teachers, researchers, doctoral students and administrative staff at the Department of Radiation Sciences. For a list of those affiliated with the Department, such as Emeriti, research students and part time teachers, please click the link Show Affiliated Staff.


Adam Rosenbaum
Ahmad Abdullah Nasir
Anders Eklund
Anders Garpebring

Associate professor in radiation physics combined with employment as MR-physicist. My research is in imaging with focus on quantitative MRI, AI and radiotherapy applications.

Anders Widmark

I want to improve the treatment of prostate cancer. The SPCG-7 study shows that the addition of radiation therapy to local high-risk tumors halves the risk of death in prostate cancer.

Angsana Keeratijarut Lindberg
Anna Dahlin

I am a researcher in oncology. The aim of my research is to get a better understanding of why some children develop brain tumors.

Annika Holmberg
Attila Simko
Axel Vikström

Studying prediction of cerebral perfusion.

Beatrice Melin

Brain tumor researcher. Head project leader PREDICT case cohort. 

Bertil Axelsson
Bethany van Guelpen
Britta Söderkvist
Carl Wibom

Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging

Cecilia Björnfot
Cedric Patthey
Christer Grönlund

My research focus is on medical ultrasound imaging with vascular and neuromuscular applications.

Daniel Öhlund

M.D, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Consultant Oncologist

Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow

Wallenberg Clinical Fellow

Erik Bovinder Ylitalo
Erik Nilsson
Francesco Di Feola
Fredrik Öhberg

I work with biomechanical studies of body movements and of the respiratory system. As well as with diagnostic methods based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Gunn Hedman-Borg
Helena Grip

Hospital engineer, assoc. prof. in biomedical engineering and adjunct university lecturer. Research and development within biomedical engineering, motor control and movement analysis. 

Heléne Andersson

I work as a communicator in the Department of Surgical and Perioperative Sciences, and 25% in the Department of Radiation Sciences.

Håkan Hedman
Håkan Jonsson

Statistician, associate professor and docent in cancer epidemiology.

Jarkko Johansson
Jennifer Frankel

Postdoctoral fellow at the Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI). My research is focused on the ageing brain and how it is affected by physical exercise.

Jessica Edlund
Jonas Nilsson

Our group have an approach driving projects to personalize cancer medicine and decipher tumor information into actionable knowledge.

Jonna Wilén
Josefine Grefve
Joshua Cumming
Justin Harbs
Katharina Wulff

Katharina Wulff studies the physiological mechanisms of mammalian timing behaviour from infancy to adulthood and the way in which biological clocks exploit daylight to entrain to the environment. 

Katrine Riklund

I am Pro-Vice-Chancellor and responsible for research and doctoral education in medicine, natural sciences and technology, and third-stream activities and internationalisation.

Klara Mogensen
Lars Nyberg

Lars Nyberg serves as Professor of Neuroscience and director of Umeå Center for Functional Brain Imaging (UFBI). He is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Linda Forsell
Linda Vidman
Maria Sandström

Senior lecturer and co-ordinator for the clinical course 2 for the medical students. Senior consultant at the Cancer Centre where I mostly work with brain tumors, lung cancer and thyroid cancer. 

Maria Wing
Maryam Zarei
Matilda Rentoft

Subproject leader within the research platform PREDICT with a focus on biomarker analysis


Max Hellström
Mikael Bylund
Mikael Johansson
Minh Hoang Vu
Miriam Rutegård
Mitesh Dongre
Nina Sundström

Head of dept. CIMT, Umu Hospital. Biomed. Engineer, Docent and adj. Ass. Prof. in Biomed. Eng., Umu. Research areas: Movement analysis, AI, pressure and flow dynamics and quality registries. 

Paolo Soda
Parniyan Maneshi
Per Fransson

I am a professor in Oncology Nursing with a combined position at Cancercentrum, NUS.

Pia Grahn
Pia Granlund
Polina Kurtser

Postdoctoral associate with specialization in ML and Robotics. Skilled in Medical Devices, Agricultural Robotics and AI.

Sai San Moon Lu
Sara Strandberg

I am associate professor and senior consultant in radiology and nuclear medicine. My research is focused on validation of diagnostic imaging methods, in particular within the field of hybrid imaging.

Sofi Sandström
Sofia Möckelind
Sophia Harlid

My research addresses the connection between our environment, our genes and our health.

Soufien Sghari
Susanna Jakobson Mo
Tommy Lidström

I work as a postdoctoral researcher in the Jonas Nilsson group, which focuses on the development of precision medicine and individualized cancer vaccines using lipid nanoparticles.

Torbjörn Näsmark

PhD student in medical physics focusing on DECT-based methods for tissue characterization in preparation for proton therapy treatment planning. I also work with radiation protection. 

Tufve Nyholm

Professor in radiation physics with applications to radiotherapy. The research is focused on radiotherapy with focus on imaging, prostate cancer, AI and decision support. 

Urban Wiklund

Associate professor in Biomedical Engineering. Adjunct lecturer at Department of Radiation Sciences. Employed at the Department of Biomedical engineering, R&D, Umeå University Hospital.

William Holmlund

PhD student in medical physics with focus on external radiotherapy of prostate cancer.

I also work with questions regarding radiation protection.

Yvonne Jonsson
Latest update: 2022-05-02