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Staff at Surgical and Perioperative Sciences


Amir Sherif
Anders Wanhainen
Andreas Josefsson
Anette Berglund
Anton Westman
Arkan Sayed-Noor
Bengt Johansson
Birendra Singh

I am a protein chemist working on the macromolecular interactions and their biological functions. 

Björn Knutsson
Christina Ljungberg
Daniel Rinnström
David Eriksson
Emmy Borgmästars
Fredrik Schulz

Registered Nurse (R.N) specialised in anaesthesia care.

Göran Johansson
Hanna Nyström
Hans Hedberg
Heléne Andersson
Jakob Walldén

Senior lecturer/consultant in Anesthesia and Intensive care at Sundsvall Hospital. Teaching medical students. Research profile postoperative recovery

Jesper Laurell
Joakim Hennings
Johan Hylander
Johan Ljungberg
Johan Styrke
Johanna Björnstig
Karin Strigård

My orientation is colorectal surgery and advanced abdominal wall surgery.

Karl Franklin
Kim Haapamäki
Kjell G Nilsson
Magnus Hultin

Associate dean and Chair of the Proficiency test for Medical Doctors. Senior lecturer and Associate professor in Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine. Excellent Teacher-award.

Malin Sund
Marie Eriksson
Markku Haapamäki
Michael Dahlberg
Michael Haney
Moa Lindgren

PhD Student at the surgical lab with Hanna Nyström as my supervisor. My research focus is primarily on tumour stroma and colorectal liver metastases. 

Ola Billing
Oskar Hemmingsson

Assistant professor and senior physician in surgery conducting clinical and translational cancer research and teaches at the medical program.

Per Lindqvist
Per Morberg
Przemyslaw Paradowski
Pär Nordin
Robert Buckland
Roman A'roch
Sandra Arvidsson
Sead Crnalic
Sofia Erelund
Sofia Karlsson
Szymon Gorgon
Tomi Myrberg
Ulf Gunnarsson

Research group leader for Clister (Clinical Surgical Trials Epidemiological Research)

Urban Arnelo
Victoria Eriksson
Yücel Cengiz