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EcoChange conference 2020

The 2020 EcoChange conference will be virtual. Oral presentations and posters will be available for attendees two weeks before the live meeting. It will be possible to discuss the presentations beforehand with speakers, poster presenters and other participants. We hope this will open for deep, fruitful discussions. Welcome!

Important dates

24 - 25 November: Conference live sessions.

10-25 November: Presentations available for participants.

3 November: Closing date for registration as regular participant.

15 September: Closing date for registration of presentations and posters.

Keynote speakers

Stephanie Dutkiewicz is a Senior Research Scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She holds a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Rhode Island. Her research interests include how the physics and chemistry of the ocean, along with light, determine phytoplankton biogeography. Abstract

Leif Andersson is a Professor at Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Comparative genetics and functional genomics. He has worked with the genetics of a variety of animals, such as domestic animals, herring and Darwin’s finches, and aims at improving understanding of the connections between hereditary variation and characteristics of animals and humans. Abstract

Roland Kallenborn is a professor at the Faculty of  Chemistry, Biotechnology and Food Science, Norwegian University Life Sciences. His research combines modern chemical analysis techniques and risk assessments for various types of organic contaminants in food and environments. His current geographic focus is on Arctic contaminants research and contaminants in food. Abstract


Conference topics

  • Biological Interactions - from microbes to larger organisms (e.g. predation, parasites, community interplay).

  • Pollutants and their effect on the marine ecosystem.

  • Ecosystem function and biodiversity.

  • Ecosystem health and emerging methodology

  • Regional and local initiatives for eutrophication and climate change action plan.

  • EcoChange scientific messages to the authorities.


The detailed program will be published here shortly. The live part of the conference will include discussions on the conference topics. There will be a special session discussing Ecochange messages to the authorities and which questions are yet to be answered. This session will partly be held in Swedish. All other parts of the conference are held in English.


Abstracts for all oral presentations and posters.

Oral presentations

The complete collection of oral presentations.

Poster gallery

Visit the EcoChange poster gallery.


How to make this your best conference ever!


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