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Housing areas

Finding housing in a city that you have never visited before can be difficult. You may not know where the apartments that you are looking for are situated, or whether it is a good or a bad neighbourhood. We would like to assure you that there really are no "bad" neighbourhoods in Umeå, but there are areas that are closer or further away from campus.

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Detailed information about Umeå residential areas

The most common student housing areas are:

  • Berghem
  • Carlshem
  • Mariehem
  • Nydalahöjd
  • Tunnelbacken
  • Ålidhöjd

Housing areas that are situated within 20 minutes walking distance of Campus are:

  • Berghem
  • Fridhem
  • Lilljansberget
  • Nydalahöjd
  • Sofiehem
  • Tunnelbacken
  • Ålidhem
  • Ålidhöjd
  • Öbacka
  • Öst på Stan

Housing areas that are situated within 20 minutes bicycling distance of Campus are:

  • Carlshem
  • Carlshöjd
  • Centrum
  • Haga
  • Marieberg
  • Mariehem
  • Tomtebo

The areas that are situated within the city limits and on the local bus line, but are the farthest from Campus are:

  • Böleäng
  • Ersboda
  • Grubbe
  • Röbäck
  • Umedalen

Housing areas that are located outside the city limits or neighbouring towns, and that you might encounter when looking for accommodation are Brattby, Ersmark, Holmsund, Hörnefors, Sävar, Vännäs.

Public transport (buses, trains and so on) to these places are often good during the daytime, and choosing to live in these areas may be a good option for you, depending on your preferences. However, please note that during the evenings, nights and weekends the transport facilities may not be too frequent.

If you are unsure where the accommodation you are interested in is situated, make sure to ask the person or company who rents the room or apartment. You can ask about its situation in relation to campus, amenities and transportation.

Umeå residential areas


Situated adjacent to the university campus and approximately 2 km from the city centre. It's an attractive "1950s era" neighbourhood with houses and low-level apartment buildings. Västerbottens Museum is also within short walking distance. T3 Arena, the multi-purpose stadium for Umeå IK women's football team is also in Berghem.
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Located about 5 km from the city centre and 2 km from the campus. A calm row house (townhome) neighbourhood with some smaller apartments. It's close to nature areas and walking-paths, and is just a right nearby one of Umeå's largest shopping centres, Strömpilen, with restaurants, large supermarket and a pharmacy.
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Newly built area with small apartments located within steps of Umeå University's main campus and IKSU Sport.
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Located about 5 km from the city centre and 2 km from the campus. The neighbourhood was built during the 1960s, and is mostly occupied with apartment building blocks. The scenic Nydala Lake is nearby, with swimming during the summer and prepared cross-country ski tracks during the winter.
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Situated approximately 1 km from the campus and 5 km from the city centre. Modern area built during the 1990s, including apartments with high standards. A five minute bicycle ride from IKSU Sport fitness centre.
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Expanding area with many families with children. Located adjacent to the south end of Nydala Lake, approximately 5 km from the city centre and 3 km from the campus. Also close to IKSU fitness centre.
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Also known as Ålidbacken. Located about 3 km from central Umeå on a hill sloping down towards the river with a view of the city. The area is only 500 m to the main campus and nearby Ålidhem centre with its full range of services. There are many affordable corridor rooms (with shared kitchen and common area) available and a gorgeous view over the Umeå River.
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Ålidhem is the number one student housing area in Umeå! Situated about 4 km from the city centre and 1.5 km from the campus. Many of the apartment buildings were constructed during the 1960s and 1970s. Many students live here, so don't be surprised if there are lots of parties on Saturday nights.
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Located on the other side of the path from IKSU, approximately 3 km from the city centre. Nice apartments built during the 1980s with a fantastic view over Umeå!
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Öbacka is a popular residential area which is located on the river bank, east of central Umeå. The area is within walking distance from the town centre and close to the university, the hospital and the new railway station, Umeå Östra

Transportation to campus

All local bus lines except numbers 3, 4, 7 and 75 pass by the University or the neighbouring University Hospital. This means that no matter where you live in Umeå, it is always fairly easy to find your way to Campus Umeå. On the local buses a single ticket costs 26 SEK (19 SEK if you are under 26 years old), but if you buy a travel card the cost per trip can be lowered significantly. There is a student discount on the 30 day period travel card.
Local buses in Umeå

Please Note! Cash is no longer accepted on the local buses or the Airport Shuttle! Most major credit/debit cards are accepted, except on-line cards such as Maestro or Visa Electron.