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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 27 November 2020)


How to apply for housing

Complete information about application for housing is detailed below.

Apply for Housing: Exchange students

There is no separate application for housing. If you want the IHO to arrange your accommodation, all you need to do - when filling in your information in Solemove - is to click ”Yes, I am enclosing the housing application…” and specify the housing period (a short-term* or full-term contract). If ”Yes”, then your application is noted, no enclosure needed. As soon as you have been admitted for studies at Umeå University, you will receive an Offer of Housing for a single-occupancy room from the IHO.

Note: You will not receive an extra confirmation for the housing application that your coordinator makes, but you will be contacted with an Offer of Housing in June/December.

Application deadlines for exchange studies:

  • Autumn term: Nomination 1 April, Application 15 April
  • Spring term: Nomination 1 October, Application 15 October

Contracts are generally only offered as full-term (five months) contracts. However, should you have academic reasons for a shorter stay, the IHO will try to meet the period of your request.

Note: Short contracts can only be set for calendar months, which means that a requested stay with the IHO from, for example, 18 September-7 November will mean that you would have to pay rent for three full months should we be able to offer you a short-term contract.

With a short-term contract it is also not possible to choose your location, this will be done by IHO staff.

Apply for Housing: Tuition fee-paying students

As a tuition fee-paying student, application instructions for housing will be e-mailed to you after you have paid your tuition-fee.

The deadlines for tuition fee-paying students are:

  • Autumn term: 1 June
  • Spring term: 1 December

After Applying for Housing

  1. Around one-two months prior to the beginning of the term for which you have applied, the IHO will send you an Offer of Housing for a single-occupancy room with the contract period that we can offer you.
  2. Follow the instructions in the Offer of Housing carefully, make your payment within the stated deadline. Remember that it might take eight to ten business days for the payment to reach the university account. The rent is divided into two payments per term. See Information for Tenants.
  3. When the IHO has received your payment you will be sent instructions via e-mail on how to book your IHO student room.
  4. Choose your IHO student room from the available stock. You will then be sent an e-mail confirmation of your booking.
  5. Fill in the arrival confirmation form online.

Find the online booking system with further information about the different rooms under "Related Information" below.

Cancel Offered Housing

If you decide to cancel the housing that is offered to you, you will need to notify the IHO as soon as possible. If you have already made your confirmation payment, we will refund you the amount except for the administrative fee of 800 SEK, which we will keep. If you, as a tenant holding a two-term successive contract, want to cancel your housing contract during the contract period, you need to notify the IHO in advance. The minimum period of notice is two full calendar months (not applicable for autumn term tenants).

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