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Housing information

We have provided some general information about what the Housing Office offers and information about the different housing areas in Umeå.

General Information

The Housing Office (HO) offers single-occupancy rooms in student corridors. Both Swedish and international students live in the student corridors and include between one and three international exchange students in each corridor.

The corridors are not gender-segregated.

Most of the rooms are equipped with a private shower and WC.

A student corridor is usually comprised of 6-10 single-occupancy rooms, which are spread along a corridor with a shared kitchen and a common room.

The kitchen is equipped with a private cupboard. You will also find refrigerators, freezers and kitchen utensils that are shared.

Prices vary from approximately SEK 14,000-21,000 per term, depending on area and the room. Additionally a service fee of SEK 800 for one term (non-recurrent) is included (note: not a deposit).

If something is wrong with the toilet, water, plumbing, heating, stove or other fixed inventories, you should contact your local area caretaker.

Bostaden's local area caretakers (landlords)

The housing with HO includes:

  • Private room of approximately 20 square metres
  • Furniture (bed with mattress, duvet and pillow, desk, desk chair, bookcase, drawers and wardrobe. Note: Armchair and small table are no longer permanent parts of the furnishing, hence may not be included)
  • Internet (100 MB/s, no download/upload limit, no wifi, bring LAN cable)
  • Private bathroom (incl. toilet, toilet brush, sink, shower, shower curtain) (note: only shared showers at Tunnelbacken)
  • Heating and water, free of charge
  • Local area caretaker to take care of practical problems
  • Laundry accessibility, free of charge
  • Entry hall and bathroom lamp
  • Weekly cleaning of common areas

The housing with HO DOES NOT include:

  • Bed sheets
  • Ceiling and floor lamps in the main room
  • Insurance for personal belongings (see Information for tenants)
  • Wifi
  • Internet LAN-cable
  • Car parking (contact the HO for more information)
Housing areas

Find out more about residential neighbourhoods in Umeå.