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Information for tenants

Here are some things to keep in mind when you rent a single-occupancy room through the Housing Office.

Duration of contract

The maximum period that you as an international student can rent a room through the Housing Office at Umeå University is two terms (one academic year).


Fill in your intended arrival date in the Arrival confirmation as soon as you have your travel arrangements set, no later than one week before intended arrival. Please fill in intended time of flight arrival (or other transport measure).


Fill in your Inspection report within seven days after your arrival. (This is important so that you won't be accused of any possible damages that were there when you moved in.)

During the term

You have the possibility to extend your spring term contract until 24 June. To do so, you need to come to the HO before 23 April. Bring your copy of the contract so we can change the dates on it.

Rent information

Your rent is divided into three instalments each term. The first one is the advance payment and will cover roughly one month’s rent including the non-refundable administrative fee. The second payment is due in late August/late January and the third and last payment for the term around mid-term. Consider this, when planning your finances. We are not able to accept monthly payments. Also note, that as a student staying less than one year, you are not able to open a Swedish bank account. Your payments must be made via bank transfer or cashed into our account at e.g. Forex Bank downtown (Renmarkstorget 7). Should you want to use Revolut as your payment service provider, please make absolutely sure that your payment reference follows your payment all the way to the recipient, i.e. Umeå University’s International Housing Office.

Before your departure

Make sure to arrange your travel arrangements well in time before intended departure. Plan your departure based on your contract's end date. Also make sure you have time to clean and empty your room according to instructions. Negligence will lead to cleaning charges (minimum fee 500 SEK). Keys have to be returned to the IHO on campus (at the latest 12 noon the last day of your contract), and nowhere else.


It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you secure Home-insurance (hemförsäkring) for your personal belongings.

As a tenant, you are responsible for your accommodation, and this is irrespective of whether you or your friends are to blame for any damage. Furthermore, no consideration can be taken in relation to whether the damage was caused by a deliberate act, through carelessness or by accident. As the legal tenant, you will be held responsible for payment. Neither can the HO be held responsible for any theft or loss of your personal possessions. As you will not have a Swedish social security number, you might find it difficult to take out insurance in Sweden. Therefore, we recommend that you think carefully about your insurance situation before you leave home.


Internet is provided solely through the internet company Bredband2, and our block agreement with them. Internet is included as part of the rent and cannot be excluded.

Your Internet connection should be on and running when you arrive, and all you will need is a computer and a LAN-cable to connect. Note: There is no wifi in your rooms.

You can find information about how to get started with your Bredband2 internet connection in this Support guide.

Lost Key

If you lose your key(s), you should contact the HO immediately. You will have to cover the cost of changing the locks on your door. This is mandatory no matter how you lose your key. The price of changing a lock starts at 1500 SEK and depends on which key you lose. If you have locked yourself out, you can borrow a spare key for the day.

Rules and Regulations

Cleaning during your stay

As a tenant you are responsible for your own room cleaning, preferably regularly during your stay. You are also responsible for keeping the fridges, freezers and ovens clean. The floors of the common room, kitchen and corridor however will be cleaned weekly by a Bostaden cleaning team to maintain a clean standard and good living conditions in the common areas.


It is prohibited to smoke in your room and in the common areas.

Rubbish and waste

Household waste must be disposed of in the appropriate containers, and it is you as tenant who is responsible for disposing of the waste. You are not allowed to keep bags of waste in the corridor. Check with your Area caretaker where these refuse chambers are located.


If you plan to bring a pet with you, contact the HO for guidance in advance.

Be considerate...

You are allowed to have parties in your room and corridor, but keep in mind that you, as the host, are responsible for any damages or disturbances that are caused, including any possible turn-outs by Bostaden's security company. Think about your neighbours and try to keep things quiet at night and in the mornings. If you are disturbed by your neighbours, try to talk to them.