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Advanced Laser Systems and Technology

  • Number of credits 7.5 Credits

About the course

After providing a short review of the basics of laser action, the course covers different types of continuous wave and pulsed lasers, including semiconductor, fiber, and solid state lasers, operating in a wide range of wavelengths, from the X-ray region through the visible to the mid-infrared range, with a variety of properties, from extremely narrow-linewidth lasers, via multimode lasers and frequency combs, to ultrashort pulsed high-power sources. Means of nonlinear frequency conversion and light amplification are introduced, including frequency doubling, difference and sum frequency generation, optical parametric processes, and supercontinuum generation. Various techniques and devices used for light control are also covered, e.g. active and passive mode-locking, chirped pulse amplification, electro- and acousto-optic modulators, and Faraday isolators. Other advanced light sources, such as attosecond sources, free-electron lasers, and synchrotrons are briefly discussed.

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Contact person for the course is:
Aleksandra Foltynowicz Matyba