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Cellbiology, Animal and Plant Physiolog

  • Number of credits 30 Credits
  • Level Bachelor's level
  • Starting Spring Term 2021

About the course package

The separate courses includes lectures, seminars, and practical laboratory work.
The Cellbiology course comprises comprehensive theoretical knowledge of the most central parts of modern Molecular Cell Biology. The course also covers the concept of malignant cell growth and provides examples of molecular mechanisms behind tumor progression.
The Animal and Plant Physiology course focus on multicellular animals and vascular plants. Different organism levels, from molecular to physiological, are integrated. Structure and function of animal organ and organ systems are considered in the following context; circulation, respiration, nervous systems, endocrine systems, excretion, nutrition, and developmental biology. Concerning plants there is special emphasis on photosynthesis, cell walls, anatomy, growth and flowering.

Courses in course package

Cell Biology, 15 hp

Starts 18 January 2021
This course is only included in the course package.

Animal and Plant Physiology, 15 hp

Starts 24 March 2021
This course is only included in the course package.

Application and eligibility

Cellbiology, Animal and Plant Physiolog, 30 hp

Visa tillfällen för föregående termin Spring Term 2021 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen


18 January 2021


6 June 2021

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Type of studies

Daytime, 100%

Required Knowledge

20 ECTS from finished courses in Chemistry, including at least 5 ECTS in Biochemistry, or alternatively, 20 ECTS from a combination of finished courses in Chemistry and Physics and/or Mathematics, including at least 5 ECTS in Biochemistry; 20 ECTS from finished courses in Biology, containing Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics. Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary course English A/5.


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Online applications are now open. You will be transferred to Application deadline is 17 August 2020.

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