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Design as Emotional Experience 2

  • Number of credits 7.5 credits

About the course

The aim of the course is that the student practice and deepen her/his knowledge to solve form related problems in a systematic way, based on a predefined goal. The course is conducted through practical work in a design project, based on a simple form analysis of an existing product and brand. The form is reworked with 2-dimensional sketches and drawings to be followed by development into a 3-dimensional design suggestion with a physical scale model in clay. The student shall, based on an analysis and reflection, communicate form both verbally and in writing.
  1. Modelling, 1.5 credits
  2. Form studies, 4.5 credits
  3. Sketching 1,5 credits

1. Modelling, 1,5 credits
This part of the course includes exercises and basic knowledge regarding modelling; materials, tools, work processes and conditions. The student will form a conceptual understanding of the conditions and limitations of sulfur-based clay as a creative tool and model material.

2. Form studies, 4.5 credits
In this part of the course the student will practice to identify and analyse a product and brand from an individually described goal, then through a creative process go from a 2-dimensional to a 3-dimensional form. Problems that arise regarding form and visualisation are discussed and processed in tutoring sessions with teachers.

3. Sketching, 1,5 credits
In this part of the course, the student deepens her/his skills to use sketching techniques as a creative tool, and to work towards a pre-defined goal. The sketching techniques will deepen the student’s skills to work in a 3-dimensional design process, which through tape sketches and plan views will be transferred to a 3-dimensional design.

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