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Dietary Assessment Methods

You have been admitted to the course Dietary assessment methods at Umeå University. The course is a web based distance course at 50% speed during the spring semester which starts on January 15th. My name is Maria Waling and I am the course coordinator for Dietary assessment methods. If you have any questions regarding your course, you are most welcome to contact me. We wish you a warm welcome to the course and hope that you will enjoy your period of studies!

How to start

  • 1. Reply to your offer

    You have been admitted, but in order to keep your place (seat), you must reply to the Notification of Selection results at by 19 December 2017.

    Support for students with disabilities

    If you are in need of special support due to disability, you should apply for that in good time before you start your studies. Find more information about support for studying with disabilities.

  • 2. Register on the course

    Course registration
    The course starts off with registration. To register for the course, you must send an e-mail to Marie Friman letting her know that you are planning to take the course.

    In that e-mail, the following information must be attached:
    • Which course you are taking
    • Your name and personal code number (birth date).

    The e-mail must be sent by January 15th at the latest or you run risk of losing your place on the course. You will not get access to the learning platform before you have completed your registration.

    You need to be registered for the course in the study documentation system in order to be able to follow the course and to get your results registered during the course.

  • 3. Course start

    Monday 15th of January

    Time: 0800

    Location: Cambro

    In this course, we use the learning platform Cambro. There you will find all the information about the course. In order to fulfill the course you have to log in to Cambro otherwise you will not be able to see the lectures and the tasks for the course.

    The platform opens on January 12th, but the course starts on Monday January 15th.
    This is so you can learn how the platform works and do a presentation of yourself before it starts for real.

    Please observe that you won't have access to the course site in Cambro until your registration is completed. After Marie have registered you to the course, the registration process in the IT-systems might delay your access up to 24 hours after registration.

    In order to get access to the learning platform, you sign in using your CAS user identity see below for information about how to access your CAS user identity.


About the course

  • Contact us!

    You are most welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding the course.
    Looking forward to seeing you "on the net"!

    Course coordinator:
    Maria Waling

    Study administrator:
    Marie Friman


New at Umeå University

  • Checklist for admitted students

    Follow this simple list of things to complete your enrolment at Umeå University. It includes: how to secure housing, getting a residence permit (for citizens from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland), tuition payment (if applicable), travel directions and more.
    To the checklist

  • Recommended arrival times

    International students are recommended to arrive at least a few days before the start of the regular term (preferably prior to the Orientation Course). If you fail to arrive on time, you have to contact the study counselor as soon as possible, but not later than one week ahead of the course start, or you may not be able to register for the programme.

    If you will have housing through the International Housing Office you will receive information about your arrival in your offer of housing.

    Don't forget! Umeå has cold winters, so pack accordingly with a warm jacket, warm shoes, gloves and hat, etc.

  • Orientation Course

    We strongly recommend that you take part in the Orientation Course, which is open for all international students. The Orientation Course will give you the opportunity to get acquainted with Umeå and Umeå University. It is also a great chance to make friends with other international students. The schedule for the coming term will be available on the site below one month before the beginning of the term. There may be last minute changes to the schedule, so you should check for updates before you leave home or when you get to Umeå.

    More about the Orientation Course

  • Activate your user account

    As a new student, you need to activate your user account approximately two weeks prior to the term start in order to, for instance:

    • access the internet in computer labs and the university's wireless network
    • register for courses
    • submit assignments and verify your study results
    • access your student e-mail

    If you are a new student, you will automatically receive a user account when you are admitted, but you will need to activate it for it to function properly. You will not be able to activate it until approximately two weeks prior to the term start.

    I want to activate my user account (Umu-id)

    I want to learn more about user accounts (Umu-id)

    For exchange students
    If you are an exchange student, you will receive information on arrival about how to activate your account.

    Help! It's not working
    If you are having problems activating your account or logging in, please contact our Servicedesk. You will find answers to common questions, and can submit enquiries.

  • Get your UmU card

    When you are on Campus Umeå, Umeå Arts Campus or Campus Örnsköldsvik, you will need a UmU card. The card has the following functions:

    • building access
    • borrowing card for the University Library system
    • copying and printing card, with a cashless payment system

    About one week after you have activated your user account, you will receive an e-mail about how to apply for the UmU card. It will be send to your student e-mail account (, so remember to test logging in to confirm that it works.

    I want learn more about the UmU Card

  • Join a student union

    There are three student unions at Umeå University:

    • Umeå Student Union
    • Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology
    • Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union.

    They are actively involved so that fellow students have a high quality of education, good working environment, and fun leisure time.

    Become a member of a student union!

  • The website for current students

    The website for current students has all sorts of information about services, support, legal and practical matters at Umeå University. You can sign in to the Cambro and Moodle learning platforms, and to Portalen (where you will find personal services such as your student e-mail, University Library services and where you can create study certificates, apply for a degree and change your temporary address). You can also sign in directly to your student e-mail account from here.


Contact us

Please be aware that the university is a state body and that what you write here can be included in a public document. Therefore, be careful if you are writing about sensitive or personal matters in this contact form. If you have a such an enquiry, please call us instead. All data will be treated in accordance with the The Personal Data Act.