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Entrepreneurial Financial Management C

  • Number of credits 7.5 credits

About the course

The course is focused on financial management within entrepreneurial firms (EF). An entrepreneurial firm is a young, high growth business, usually with a new technology focus. Entrepreneurial firms differentiate themselves from other forms of organizations through being more innovative, flexible, and adaptable. These firms will be examined at all phases of their life cycles, from initial idea generation to the ultimate harvesting of the venture. The main objective is to provide students with an integrated set of concepts and applications drawn from entrepreneurship, finance, and accounting, that will provide a higher understanding of the financial environment in which these firms exist. Taking this course will develop students’ skills in building useful financial management spreadsheet models (e.g. financial forecasts and valuation models) in Excel. The student will also be introduced to current research in the field of entrepreneurial finance.

The course is given and examined in English.

The schedule will be available one month before the course starts.

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