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Faculty Course: Motifs of Madness in Literature and Culture

  • Number of credits 7.5 Credits

About the course

Motifs of Madness is aimed at master's level students and higher interested in literature, the body, history of medicine and psychiatry, among other topics.

This course will focus on the depiction of mental illness in western literature and culture as organized around particular themes of contemporary interest. We will study relevant primary, theoretical and contextual materials around the chosen themes.  Such themes might include mental illness and crime fiction; gothic madness; burnout; obsession;
While not requisite, it is recommended that students have taken ”Narrating Madness” first in order to have a broader chronological and theoretical grounding in the depictions of mental illness in literature and culture.
The language of instruction is English. All mandatory literature is in English.
The course can be studied as a separate course at master’s level, or as part of a master’s programme.

The course will be partly net based. For information on technical requirements, please follow the link below:
The language of instruction is English, and all mandatory literature is in English.


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