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Infectious Disease Epidemiology and One Health Response

  • Number of credits 7.5 credits

About the course

This course is interdisciplinary and will bridge science from epidemiology, medicine, biology, public health, environmental science, social science, economy, geography and management.The course consists of two modules, basic and advanced. This basic module contains principles of infectious diseases epidemiology which allow the participants to understand mode of transmission, risk factors and epidemiologic study designs that are used to guide prevention and control of infectious diseases. The course will discuss surveillance system and outbreak investigation and response for infectious diseases. Notably, the course will emphasize the "One Health" paradigm, an evolving approach to tackle health as relationship between, human, animal and environment and now is using globally as one of the best strategy to confront infectious diseases.

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Course is given by
Department of Clinical Microbiology
Contactperson for the course is:
Magnus Evander