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Master Thesis in Informatics with Specialisation in Human Computer Interaction and User Experience II, 30 Credits

Swedish name: Masteruppsats i informatik med inriktning mot människa-datorinteraktion och användarupplevelse II

This syllabus is valid: 2021-04-26 and until further notice

Course code: 2IN407

Credit points: 30

Education level: Second cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: Informatics: Second cycle, contains degree project for Master of Arts/Master of Science (120 credits)

Grading scale: Three-grade scale

Responsible department: Department of Informatics

Established by: Head of Department of Informatics, 2021-04-22


The course provides the student with the opportunity to apply a scientific approach while independently and critically formulating and solving problems in Informatics with a specialisation in human computer interaction and user experience. The course includes identification of relevant research area, formulation of research problem/question and limitations, design and implementation of a study and the preparation of a written report. The thesis project can also include the creation of an IT application. The thesis is presented and defended in a seminar. While working on the written report, the student is given opportunity to develop knowledge of and insight into current methodological issues relevant to scientific work in Informatics.

Expected learning outcomes

The student is, after the course, expected to be able to: 

  • Independently and critically identify phenomena of both societal and subject area relevance and formulate problems within the subject area of the study programme.
  • Describe relevant literature with respect to the research question and within the subject area of the study programme.
  • Develop and implement a methodologically relevant and ethically justified study of the chosen research question.
  • Create a synthesis of collected data and selected theories and/or models so that general knowledge of the topic is generated.
  • Relate the research question, the analysis and the conclusions to current scientific literature within the subject area.
  • Reflect upon and critically examine the results of the presented study.
  • Present the thesis in writing and orally in a clear manner.
  • Defend the thesis as it is reviewed by others, as well as review and discuss the thesis work of other students.

Required Knowledge

To be eligible for the course the student must have completed at least 60 credits of programme courses from the Master's Programme in Human Computer Interaction and User Experience, or equivalent studies.

Form of instruction

Learning is supported mainly by supervision sessions, but the course may also include lectures and seminars. Some teaching sessions may be compulsory. If the course so requires, necessary computer applications will be provided and introduced. During the course students are free to use the departmental computer labs. The language of instruction can be English. Good writing skills and good knowledge of the English language are both important in order to be able to complete the course.

Examination modes

The course grade is based on a written assignment in the form of a research proposal and on the completion of a thesis project, which is documented in a written report, presented and defended in a seminar. Additionally, students act as reviewers of others' thesis work and participate in compulsory elements of the course. If the thesis includes programming, software documentation must be submitted.

The grading scale for the course is Pass with distinction (VG), Pass (G), and Fail (U).  

Students who do not pass the exams during the course will be given a second opportunity soon afterwards. Students who do not pass after these two attempts have the possibility to complete remaining assignments during subsequent re-exam periods. 

When a student has failed an exam on two occasions, they have the right to request another examiner. Requests for new examiners are made to the Director of studies. 
If special circumstances arise, the examiner has the right to decide on another type of exam.

Other regulations

The thesis must be written by two authors together. It is not possible for two students to co-author a thesis project at different levels (e.g. bachelor's and master's level). Supervision of the thesis is only guaranteed for the duration of the course and for registered students.


Valid from: 2021 week 1

Literature is selected in consultation with the supervisor.