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Mathematics of Physical Models

  • Number of credits 10.5 Credits
  • Level Bachelor's level
  • Starting Autumn Term 2020

About the course

The course consists of two parts A and B. Part A concerns theory and application of vector analysis with scalar and vector fields. General orthogonal coordinates are introduced with the cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems as important examples. The basic vector operations are introduced together with the for calculus important rules they obey. The theorems that relate line-, surface- and volume integrals are derived and applied. Part B concerns application of ordinary and partial differential equations (ODE and PDE) with focus on physical models and numerical solutions of the equation. For ODE, tools like MATLAB and Maple may be used. The students will construct a model based on ODE that describes a physical phenomenom. For PDE we introduce the PDE-solver FEMLAB. This tool is then used to illustrate basic theory and also applied to physical phenomena.

Application and eligibility

Mathematics of Physical Models, 10.5 hp

Visa tillfällen för föregående termin Autumn Term 2020 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen


2 November 2020


17 January 2021

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Type of studies

Daytime, 70%

Required Knowledge

Calculus in Several Variables 7,5 credits, or equivalent. Mathematical Methods of Physics 15 credits, or equivalent. Classical Mechanics 9 credits, or equivalent. Programming skills, preferably in MATLAB.


Academic credits Applicants in some programs at Umeå University have guaranteed admission to this course. The number of places for a single course may therefore be limited.

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Please note: This application round is intended only for applicants within the EU/EEA and Switzerland. Online application service in Swedish will open 16 March 2020 at 13:00 CET. Application deadline is 15 April 2020.

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Contact person for the course is:
Michael Bradley