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Optimal Control for Linear Systems, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Optimal reglering av linjära system

This syllabus is valid: 2017-08-21 and until further notice

Course code: 5EL255

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: Second cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: Electronics: Second cycle, has second-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: TH teknisk betygsskala

Established by: Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 2017-06-12


The course suggests a comprehensive discussion of optimal control methods and algorithms developed for synthesis of controllers for linear dynamical systems as well as methods used for assessing stability and robustness of closed loop linear feedback systems to various disturbances and uncertainties in the system description. Two popular design techniques, H-2 and H-infinity are covered in details. Illustrative examples of analysis and synthesis of feedback controllers following both methods are given.

Required Knowledge

For admission at least two years full-time university studies are required, including 15 ECTS at advanced level in Electronics containing Linear Control Systems, 7.5 ECTS, 7.5 ECTS in Programming, and 22.5 ECTS in Mathematics containing Differential equations, Linear Algebra and Calculus in Multiple Variables, or equivalent.
Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper Secondary course English A/5. Where the language of instruction is Swedish, applicants must prove proficiency in Swedish to the level required for basic eligibility for higher studies.


The literature list is not available through the web. Please contact the faculty.