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Project 1: Vehicle Design

  • Number of credits 15 credits

About the course

The course includes practical training in designing various types of vehicles.

Project 9 credits
This course part deals with the aesthetic and functional design of a vehicle with the interior, where user-related aspects are in focus. During this part, a detailed design is completed, in which the surfaces and details are presented.

Design Methods 1.5 credits
The course part is associated with the project and addresses the specific methods and the process applied in the field of automotive design. Also covered are typical production processes, and key legislation concerning, vehicles.

Ergonomics 1.5 credits
The part deals with anthropometric measurements and factors affecting work and travel environments. It also looks at ergonomic requirements for visual information devices, controls, and auditory and tactile information devices. In addition a brief introduction to methods of ergonomic evaluation.

Presentation Techniques 1.5 credits
This part deals with visual, verbal and written presentation skills. The part is led by instructors from the transportation industry.

Personal study 1.5 credits
The course part includes own studies in a chosen field related to transportation design. The selected area has to be approved by the teacher.

Application and eligibility

This course contains occasions that are included in a degree programme at Umeå university and applies only to those of you who are admitted to the programme. You will recieve information about application times and what applies to you from your institution.

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Course is given by
Umeå Institute of Design
Contactpersons for the course are:
Exchange studies, International contact person, Umeå Institute of Design