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Reading and Narrating in Digital and New Media, 7.5 Credits

Swedish name: Läsande och berättande i digitala och nya medier

This syllabus is valid: 2020-08-31 and until further notice

Course code: 1LV067

Credit points: 7.5

Education level: First cycle

Main Field of Study and progress level: Comparative Literature: First cycle, has less than 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements

Grading scale: VG Pass with distinction, G Pass, U Fail

Responsible department: Department of Culture and Media Studies

Revised by: Head of Department of Culture and Media Studies, 2020-03-02


During the last decades we have seen a change in the ways a text can be produced and read in digital and new media. However, such changes have always occured; the way we tell stories are connected to the media platforms we use. During this course we examine the connection between storytelling, reading and media, also in a historical perspective: how does diffrent types of media affect diffrent forms of storytelling, and vice versa? The course contains in-depths studies of storytelling in social media, in storyworlds and in diffent types of adaptations.

Expected learning outcomes

After completing the course the student should:
  • demonstrate an understanding about the importance of new media in relation to reading, narrating and literary debates
  • demonstrate familiarity about different media- and genretexts
  • demonstrate ability to analyze narratives in different forms of media
  • demonstrate ability to reflect upon and assess the possibilities and limitations of different forms of publishing and media
  • demonstrate ability to relate to a wider literary context.

Required Knowledge

Literary Studies (60 credits) or equivalent.

Form of instruction

Teaching consist of lectures, seminars and teamwork.

Examination modes

The course is examined through participation in seminars and teamwork and one individually written examination. Examination is given one of the grades VG (Pass with distinction), G (Pass) or U (Fail).

A second exam opportunity is always offered within two months after the regular exam date for those students not achieving a Pass.

Students have the right to be re-examined up to five times per course. Examination and supplementary examination based on the syllabus outlined here can be guaranteed for up to two years after the start of the course. If a student is awarded a "fail" grade on at least two consecutive attempts of the examination of the course or course component, she or he has the right to request a new examiner. The director of studies should be consulted in such circumstances.

Other regulations

The course also belongs to the Program for Literary Studies and Creative Writing.


Valid from: 2020 week 36

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