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Representations of Parents and Parenting

  • Number of credits 7.5 credits
  • Level Master’s level
  • Study form Web-based (online)
  • Starting Autumn Term 2021

Admitted to the course

Here you will find everything you need to know before the course starts.

About the course

This course addresses the way family construction, parents and parenting are represented in cultural productions aimed at children and young adults. Novels and animated films from the first two decades of the twenty-first century are analysed using the theoretical frameworks of feminist studies, masculinity studies and cultural studies. Placing the material in a historical context, constructions and representations of varying types of motherhood and fatherhood are investigated, with a particular focus on the didactic content of the material. What types of family and parenting are presented as desirable? What types are shown as unsuccessful and damaging? The selected material includes representations of single-parent families and nuclear families, as well as families of choice, non-human parents (animals and robots) and assisted reproductive technologies. The course is taught in English.

Application and eligibility

Representations of Parents and Parenting, 7.5 credits

Det finns inga tidigare terminer för kursen Autumn Term 2021 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen


30 August 2021


1 November 2021

Study location




Type of studies

Mixed, 50%, Distance

Number of mandatory meetings

No mandatory meetings.

Number of on campus meetings

No on campus meetings.

Required Knowledge

Univ: At least 90 ECTS including 75 ECTS with academic progression (corresponding to level 61-90 hp in the Swedish academic system) in English, or equivalent knowledge. To be accepted to the course, the applicant must have previously completed introduction and intermediate level courses in English literature at university level, or equivalent knowledge. Alternatively, 90 ECTS in Swedish Comparative Literature. Knowledge of English equivalent of English 6/English Course B.


Academic credits

Application code



Application deadline was 15 April 2021. The application period is closed.

Application and tuition fees

As a citizen of a country outside the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you are required to pay application and tuition fees for studies at Umeå University.

Application fee

SEK 900

Tuition fee, first instalment

SEK 11,625

Total fee

SEK 11,625

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