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Annual tuition fees

The annual tuition fees below are sorted by category and apply to applicants with citizenship in countries not within the EU/EEA, or Switzerland. The figures are for full-time studies or 60 ECTS per academic year.

Tuition fees for programmes and courses

The list below is a summary of the different tuition fees.

For information on tuition fee for specific programmes and courses please visit our course/programme catalogue and on each specific programme/course look for the heading "Application and eligibility". You can also visit the University Admissions website.

Summary of tuition fees

Subject Area

Term/Semester Fee in Swedish Kronor

Annual Fee in Swedish Kronor

Fees for EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens*

Architecture SEK 93,600 SEK 187,200 0
Arts SEK 46,500 SEK 93,000 0
Business SEK 46,500 SEK 93,000 0
Design  SEK 146,250 SEK 292,500 0
Fine Arts  SEK 182,250 SEK 364,500 0
Health  SEK 74,200 SEK 148,400 0
Law SEK 46,500 SEK 93,000 0
Natural Sciences SEK 71,400 SEK 142,800 0
Social Sciences SEK 46,500 SEK 93,000 0
Sports Sciences SEK 104,650 SEK 209,300 0
Teaching/Education SEK 63,100 SEK 126,200 0
Technology (IT) SEK 71,400 SEK 142,800 0

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens are totally exempt from tuition fees*

Latest update: 2022-02-25