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Tuition fee payment Terms and Conditions

Payment of tuition entitles students to certain rights and obligations. The following are the terms and conditions governing the tuition-fee payment. A summarised copy is also sent with the tuition invoice.

Tuition status

Per the Swedish Code of Statutes (SFS) No. 2010:543 all non-EU/EEA citizens are due tuition for studies at higher education level, with few exceptions.

The tuition status of the student is determined, based on the documents provided during the admissions process. The invoiced student is due tuition unless proven otherwise.

Those exempted non-EU/EEA citizens must have a valid permit at the time of registration to be exempt from paying tuition.

Payment and deadlines

The tuition amount in the invoice corresponds to the course(s) or the study programme student is admitted to. Admission to the course/programme is conditional; upon payment of the invoice the student may register to the said courses.

The tuition payment must be received, in full, before the deadline stated on the invoice. In case of non-payment the student will not be registered for the course(s) and Umeå University reserves the right to withdraw the admissions offered. Additionally, payment of tuition is required for the Migration Agency of Sweden to process a residence permit application.

Reimbursement of paid tuition

Reimbursement of paid tuition is possible only under the following circumstances:

  • If the student has been denied a Residence Permit by the Swedish Migration Agency.
  • If the student has a change in status (e.g. granted EU citizenship or residence permit in Sweden for reasons other than studies). Reimbursement is not retroactive and applies only to courses that are not yet completed.
  • If the student has been admitted to a programme that is ranked higher at and therefore is no longer admitted to Umeå University.
  • If the student has a conditional admission and the condition hasn't been waived before the start of the term.
  • If the student has been approved for Early Discontinuation (tidigt studieavbrott).
  • If the student has been approved transfer of credits for the courses within the study programme.
  • If the student has been granted a deferral of admissions by the International Admissions Office.
  • If the student has other extraneous circumstances, that are outside of students control, that hinder participation in studies. Student must provide verifiable documentation with their reimbursement application.

Students who wish to apply for the reimbursement due to any of these reasons must;

  • Inform the International Office, by mail, telephone or letter (preferably before the start of the term)
  • Support their application with documentation in English

No reimbursement will be approved for applications that don't fulfill these criteria. Umeå University shall retain 10000 SEK of the paid tuition as administrative and bank fees. Should the invoiced tuition be lower than the said amount, a corresponding amount will be deducted.