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Terms and Conditions for Tuition Fees

Payment of tuition entitles students to certain rights and obligations. The following are the terms and conditions governing the tuition fee payment. A copy of the terms and conditions specified below is also sent out via email at the time of invoicing, along with the payment instructions.

Tuition status

Per the Swedish Code of Statutes, SFS 2010:543, all non-EU/EEA citizens are required to pay tuition for studies at the level of higher education, with a few exceptions.

A tuition fee is invoiced after the student has been assessed as being required to pay tuition according to the law, based on the documents provided during the admission process. The invoice is valid until the student provides documentation proving their exempt status per SFS 2010:543.

Payment and Due Date

  • A student required to pay tuition is granted conditional admission until the tuition fee has been paid.
  • The tuition payment must be received in full before the due date stated on the invoice.
  • The tuition fee invoiced each semester for a programme remains the same and corresponds to full time studies (i.e 30 credits) regardless of whether the student chooses to register for less than 30 credits.
  • Freestanding courses are invoiced separately.
  • The tuition fee is the same for on-campus and distance courses.
  • In case of non-payment, new students (and current students studying freestanding courses) will lose their place on the programme/course for which they were invoiced.
  • In case of non-payment, current students will be suspended from the programme for which they were invoiced.

Reimbursement of Paid Tuition

Students who wish to apply for a reimbursement should contact Umeå University. Their application should be submitted in English and state the reason for the reimbursement. Supporting documentation should be provided in English, preferably before the start of the semester.

Umeå University’s decision is based on the documentation provided by the student. If further information is required, Umeå University will contact the student. If no further information is provided despite reminders from the university, a decision is made based on the available documentation.

If the request for reimbursement is granted it is refunded to the same bank account that the tuition fee was paid from. Umeå University is not responsible for exchange rate changes or bank fees.

Reimbursement of paid tuition is possible under the following circumstances:

  • If the programme or course has been cancelled by the university.
  • If the student has made an incorrect payment (e.g. a double payment).
  • If the student has a change in status (e.g. granted EU citizenship or a residence permit in Sweden for reasons other than studies). In this case the reimbursement is not retroactive.
  • If the student has other extraneous circumstances which hinder their participation in studies (e.g. if the student has been denied a residence permit by the Swedish Migration Agency).

Reimbursement is not applicable for amounts less than 1000 SEK. A student who has registered for a course and has not been granted early discontinuation within three weeks from the start of the course, is no longer able to receive a reimbursement. A student who has been suspended from studies due to non-payment of tuition or based on a decision from the Disciplinary Board, Administrative Court, The Higher Education Appeals Board, or Higher Education Expulsions Board, will not receive a reimbursement.