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”You will definitely find whatever you are looking for”

Cartrine Anyango came to the university to study master's programme in public health, with the quest to venture into research.

What made you interested in applying for the programme?

I was working for a non-governmental organisation in Nairobi with public health issues. I also had this quest to venture into research, to take part in bringing change to the current public health situation. When my husband got a postdoc position in Umeå, I felt it was the perfect chance for me.

What would you liked to have known before you came to Umeå?

The university is very supportive - from the time you apply for studies to when you finish your thesis. There are open communication channels and people are available - you can ask any question. The staff is supportive and responsive.

What do you think about the programme and the teachers/teaching?

I really enjoyed the programme. It is multidisciplinary
and focuses on different interests, so you will definitely find whatever you are looking for. The students come from different disciplines and countries, so you will get to understand things from many perspectives. The lecturers are very friendly and supportive. I like the way they focus on creating self-reliance and independence in the students. The studies are self-driven - I go to class because I want to, not because someone else wants me to go.

What do you like to do in Umeå outside the university?

Since I have a family I have to fit my activities around them. When I have my own time I like to take a jog around the Nydala lake with it’s beautiful scenery or spend time in the library in Umeå city reading a book.

What are the differences between studying in Sweden and your home-country?

The relationship between the lecturers and the students is very different. It’s very mutual and open. Also the way the courses are organised is different, more structured.

What are your plans after graduation?

Right now I am working on publishing my second thesis. My main focus is to find a PhD opportunity in Umeå, but I’m open for other universities in Sweden

Favourite Swedish word or custom?

Fika! I like the custom because it is a way of bringing people together, sharing information, catching up and basically getting to know each other.


Cartrine Anyango
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