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For Hewan this has been a life-changing experience.

The opportunity to study both human rights and constitutional law made Hewan Haileselassie come to Umeå to continue developing within the field of law. She recommends both the well-structured programme and to experience Umeå during wintertime.

Why did you choose to study this programme?

- Since I joined law school, I have always been interested in courses that are related to human rights, and the constitution as the supreme law of almost all countries is expected to take the lion’s share in respecting and protecting human rights. The programme was a great opportunity for me because it gave me the chance to study both human rights and constitutional law concurrently.  

What do you think about the courses and the teaching?

- Though the system was quite new for me, I did not have any problems since it was really easy and well-structured, the lecturers were very helpful too.

Do you have any special memories from your time in Umeå?

- A lot: the buddy program, the seminar meetings and discussions. IKSU was the best. The winter was an interesting experience as in my home country we never get such extreme weather conditions, like the snowfall. The darkness was mind blowing! 

Any tips for students who are thinking about studying this programme?

- It has been a life-changing experience. I think this programme fits anyone who has a background in law, their interest in the subject will grow even more after meeting the awesome professors whom have an excellent teaching system.

What will you do next?

- I hope to get an internship and further develop my knowledge in the field of law.

What would you like to work with in the future?

- I would like to work as an academician or working in NGO's.

Hewan Haileselassie
Where are you from?
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia