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Orsolya appreciates the different perspectives and the diversity in the classroom

With the aim to work in the UN, Orsolya Csortan chose to study in Umeå and says: “it is no secret that Sweden it is one of the champions for the promotion and protection of human rights”.

What do you think about the programme and the teachers?
It is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I like it that all of us are from different parts of the world which makes it even more interesting when it comes to different perspectives.

The best part of the program is the teachers. They are so full of life and excitement, it is amazing to learn from people who are this passionate about their subject. Also they care, the lectures are on an academic level and they can be very complex but they manage to explain it in a way that everyone understand it, even if that means to come up with Game of Thrones references. 

What made you interested in applying for the programme?
I always knew that I want to study human rights (the Constitutional law is a bonus which I never knew that I needed). I chose Sweden because it is no secret that it is one of the champions for the promotion and protection of human rights. So before I finished my bachelors I started looking for Master programs and I'm really glad that I found this one.

Do you have any advice for the students that are thinking of applying? What would you have like to known before you came here?

The winter jacket is no joke and I also recommend to start looking for accommodation as soon as possible. Other than that, everything you need to know will be provided on the first lecture. It impressive how everything is explained to the last detail. So just come with an open mind and enjoy the ride.

Are there any differences between studying in Sweden and your home-country?
Yes! Maybe the biggest difference is that here we got a lot of group projects. The groups changed in every course so I got to study and work with a lot of people from different backgrounds which really broadened my horizon and now I have friends from all around the globe. Also, the teachers are really interested in your opinion and they are very open to new perspectives which filled me up with confidence and made me want to get more involved with the subjects. 

What do you like to do in Umeå outside the university?
I like it that there are a lot of different social events, I think everybody can find something for their liking. I usually go out with my friends on the weekends, I go to a self-defense class for women on Sundays. I’m a volunteer at Amnesty International student group here in Umea which combines my social life with my field of interest and keeps me busy.  Also, I like having coffee at Bildmuseet because it has a beautiful view to the Umea River. If I need to charge my batteries I take a long walk around lake Nydala.

What are your plans after you graduate?
I haven't thought that far yet, but my main goal is to work in the UN. On my way there... Maybe a Phd-degree or work in a NGO.

Favourite Swedish word or custom:
Definately the "fika"!

Orsolya Csortan
Where are you from?
Sf. Gheorghe, Romania