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Alumni Erik Ylander

- I kept in constant contact with the company after graduation, and shortly thereafter, I was offered a post in the Norwegian market. The company fits me and my background perfectly!


International Business Program (IBP)




Associate Consultant

Current Employer

Business Sweden, Oslo

Work responsibilities

- Through internationalization projects, we help companies to establish themselves in a new market so that they, in turn, can increase their revenues and Swedish exports.

We carry out market analyses, mapping of actors, the compilation of legal information, recruiting, sales support, etc. It's great fun to meet with and help Swedish entrepreneurs who are in the first stages of an international journey.

Why did you choose the IBP?

- I wanted to work internationally, and the IBP provides the necessary perspective to succeed in an increasingly international market.

- I'm incredibly interested in the numbers behind a successful company, so I chose finance as my area of specialization and it was also the area that I thought best complemented my four years of study.

Advice for current students

Dare to make difficult decisions and to choose a challenging path; it is absolutely the best way to develop your skills!