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Alumni Johan Råberg


International Business Programme (IBP)



Current Employer

Simon-Kucher & Partners, Copenhagen

Work responsibilities

We help companies boost their profits by increasing their revenue through improved pricing, marketing and sales strategies. My personal responsibilities include driving project work streams incl. transaction analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, concept development, business casing etc.

Why did you choose the International Business Programme?

I knew I wanted to work in an international context, so I saw the opportunity to study in English as good preparation. Additionally, I was appealed by the exchange studies and the international internship opportunities. 

Where you started after graduation and how your career have progressed?

After graduation I started at marketing consultancy Simon-Kucher and Partners. I have been given more and more responsibility as time has progressed and have during my first year at the company been fortunate to work in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Mexico.

Any advice for current students?

Take advantage of the international opportunities IBP provides and try to gain as much practical experience as possible during your studies in form of internships, part time work etc. AND, have fun and enjoy.

How has your education prepared you for your career?

Most importantly, it has made me comfortable working professionally in English. The flexibility of the program also allowed me to explore different fields and realize which business field I find most exciting: marketing.