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Master's programme in Sustainable Architecture Production

  • Number of credits 120 Credits

This master's programme explores sustainable architecture in a holistic way including cultural, social and economic sustainability.

While studying

In the programme we investigate and design urban environments and contextual building structures. Architectural space and the reprogramming of existing buildings and environments in terms of density, use, texture and spatial qualities are the main focuses of investigations. The development of new constructions in cooperation with industry and the development of innovative strategies of sustainability are important part of the education programs and supplement a theoretical basis.

Study language is English.

Application is made in two steps.
Step 1: through the national online application service
Step 2: Portfolio sent to Umeå Institute of Design. More information about application and portfolio can be found at

Career opportunities

Given the fact that architecture is an international discipline the career as an architect is borderless. There is a need for knowledgde about sustainable architectural strategies in various places in the world. As an architect educated at UMA you will have skills to work with organizations, local companies and industries in various cultures.

This will be in terms of:
* scientific skills to be capable to make analysis of the need and develop the program for solutions.

* theoretical skills to establish critical analysis and develop coherent sustainable concepts for the design projects needed.

* artistic and innovative skills to be capable to make architectural design to support or generate strategies and solutions.

* communicative competences (graphic, digital, oral and writing) to be able to develop dialogues with users, contractors, organizations, specialists etc.

Contact us

Contactpersons for the programme are: Carl-Johan Vesterlund, programme co-ordinator

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Programme is given by
Faculty of Science and Technology