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Master's Programme in Biomedicine

  • Number of credits 120 Credits

Are you interested in scientific research? Do you want to learn more about diseases and understand why some people get sick and others don’t? In that case we recommend that you join the Master in Biomedicine program at Umeå University. The Master programme in Biomedicine will give you excellent knowledge and skills to use advanced scientific methods and will prepare you for PhD studies or the basis for job in pharmaceutical companies, with authorities or in the health care system.

While studying

The first semester is opened with a course in Advanced Biomedicine. The course is composed by four Areas of Excellence at Umeå University: infections, cancer, metabolic diseases and the neurological system. In this course you will also be trained in bioinformatics, biostatistics, theory of knowledge and ethics.

After the first semester you will be presented with an abundance of biomedical courses to choose from and freely customize your own education. Project work on advanced level (30 ETSC credits) will give you the opportunity for in-depth knowledge in your field of choice or you can choose other courses in your field of interest like tumor biology, bacterial pathogenesis, structure and function of proteins etc. Many of the teachers you'll meet are leading scientists and you will continuously build your own scientific network. Independently of what courses you choose you'll be trained in experimental design, in evaluating your results and in learning to present your work in various scientific formats. The master programme is concluded by either a 30 or 45 ECTS credit exam work.

Career opportunities

Biomedical students have a labour market in research and development within the pharmacy industry, the biotech industry and in health care. They also have the opportunity to become science journalists, patent lawyer or medical expert within different authorities.

Having a masters degree you can also apply for doctoral studies.


The programme will give you a Master of Science in Biomedical Science.

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