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Meet Tatenda Mugwira from Zimbabwe

How was your first time here in Umeå? Moving to a new city, starting a new program?
Coming to Umeå and Sweden was a life time experience for me. It was my first time staying away from home, and experiencing this new environment was just something I was looking forward to since April when I was awarded a scholarship.

The weather here is just so different from home, I experienced my first snow in my life in November and it was an experience I will never forget. Not forgetting the freezing conditions, going for days if not weeks without sun, short day times around November, December was just amazing.

Umeå is full of friendly people who are always there to help you if there is need and that makes my life easier, thanks to the Buddy program also. Umeå University has conducive conditions for students to study. Although things are done a little different from home (studying one course at a time and write the exam, working in groups, more presentation, more work on recent scientific articles, guest lectures etc.) adapting wasn't a problem because the system is just smooth and flowing.

What did you study before you come here?
I studied a Bachelors honors degree in Accounting from National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe.

How did you find housing?
Thanks to the International Housing Office, they offered me a one year contract and am now I am looking for another place through Bostaden.

How do you like Umeå? What is best with Umeå?
The weather here is so amazing, lots of snow, cold short daytime during winter and long daytimes in summer. The people here are friendly and willing to help you, the learning environment is just conducive for learning. There are lots of international students here so you get to know a lot about other cultures and countries. It's just full of fun.

How do you like your program?
My program is very interesting and we have very experienced teachers who use real life cases in our lessons. This is interesting because you get to learn the practical things taking place in the real world not only the theory part. The teachers also use recent learning materials in our lessons like textbooks, scientific journals etc. which makes everything more modern and in line with the current trends.

What is best?
Everything is just the best for me.

What has been the hardest?
The hardest part I can say some courses (Financial statements analysis and Financial Accounting) have been a roller coaster, learning them in 5 weeks is just amazing. Thanks to the experienced and funny teachers they make them easier.

Which modules have been most interesting?
All my modules have been interesting.

How does the contact with the teachers work?
The contact with teachers helped a lot, especially the presentations in small groups where you have more time to discuss with the teacher. Also, the class exercises are very important, they enhance your understanding of the topics taught and gives a chance to ask more questions to the teacher. Thanks to our kind teachers they also have consultation days where you just go to their office and ask the questions on a one on one basis or as a group if you want to.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I just go out, exploring Umeå, ice skiing or going to IKSU.

What does IKSU means to you?
IKSU is a place where you go to keep your body in shape and exercise and stay fit and healthy.

What would be you dream job?
I would like to pursue a PhD in Accounting.

Do you have any advice to students thinking about coming here to study?
Especially international students, if you are planning of studying abroad Umeå University ticks all the boxes for your ideal University. It's a multi cultured University, with students from various countries and you will get to know different cultures. It got experienced teachers and funny too you will enjoy their lessons. The library is well equipped with books and the University got many study rooms where you can go and read. It is a walking distance from IKSU with marvellous sporting equipment's. There is a buddy program where you will mix and mingle with fellow students, you will never be alone. Lastly the weather is amazing, it will be a life time experience.

Tatenda Mugwira
Where are you from?
Zimbabwe, Shurugwi (Midlands Province)
Where do you live?