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Master's Programme in Computational Science and Engineering

  • Number of credits 120 Credits

Computational Science and Engineering is a field of knowledge aiming at the development of methods that rely on computers and mathematics to model, simulate and visualize various kinds of systems, in nature and society. You typically deal with complex systems and large data sets. The methods can be applied to everything from making risk analyses to exploring ecological systems or making computer games and special effects in movies.

While studying

Computational Science and Engineering often combines several different disciplines including computer science, numerical analysis, applied mathematics, physics, biology and economy. During your education you learn to deal with complex systems and large data sets. The Master's programme begins with four compulsory courses in for example modelling, simulation and numeric methods.

Specialize according to your interests

During the second and third terms you choose between several eligible courses. You can for example choose to specialise in parallel programming, financial mathematics and advanced computer graphics. You take two parallel courses for every study period. The programme closes with a diploma work that gives opportunities both to make use of the attained knowledge and to learn the more specific tricks of the trade for a certain application.

Programme overview

Career opportunities

Computational Science and Engineering is widely used both in scientific research and advanced industrial development, for example for model building and analysis of data from different experiments.

Further studies?

After completing your degree you can choose to take more courses on advanced level or study for a PhD degree.

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Contact persons for the programme are:
Eddie Wadbro, Programme Coordinator