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Programme syllabus:

Master's Programme in Computing Science, 120 Credits

Swedish name: Masterprogrammet i datavetenskap

This programme syllabus is valid: HT17 and until further notice

Programme code: TADAM

Credit points: 120

Registration number: FS 3.1.3-2164-16

Responsible faculty: Faculty of Science and Technology

Revised by: Faculty Board of Science and Technology, 2016-12-07

Entry Requirements

A Bachelor's or Bachelor of Engineering degree (equivalent to a Swedish Kandidatexamen or Högskoleingenjörsexamen, 180 ECTS) from an internationally recognised university. Special requirements are: a) A minimum of 75 higher education credits in Computer Science and a minimum of 22.5 higher education credits in Mathematics including a course that mediates basic logic skills. b) Good theoretical and practical knowledge and skills regarding algorithms and data structures, programming in different programming languages such as Java and C++. Courses on the theoretical foundations of Computer Science comprising at least 7.5 ECTS credits. Exclusively theoretical knowledge in programming and software design does not provide a sufficient basis for the programme. English proficiency equivalent to English A/5.